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Jobsworth Lights

Brilliant Bicycle Lights


Jobsworth Bicycle Lights

The Jobsworth lighting range covers every possible type of bike light, from button-cell powered flashing LEDs, to USB rechargeable front and rear light sets, all the way through to blindingly powerful, Li-Ion powered, CREE LED headlights that are bright enough for any nighttime riding situation.

You'll find the entire Jobsworth light range packed with advanced technology and thoughtful design, from energy-sparing chip-on-board LEDs and high power LEDs from the world's best semiconductor manufacturers to the very latest in rechargeable lithium ion battery technology. We understand that different cyclists have different needs and that's why we've created a range of bike light to suit all needs and all wallets. Compare the price and performance on offer to the big name brands and we're sure you'll agree- Jobsworth lights are a brilliantly good deal.


  • Be Seen and See By Lights
  • Ultra Efficient LEDs
  • High Power, Li-Ion Battery Packs
  • Front and Rear light Sets
  • USB Rechargeability
  • Mix and Match Designs
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Planet X

Jobsworth Lights range

From £9.99
Jobsworth Canopus USB Rechargeable Light

There's commuter lights and then there's the Jobsworth Canopus commuter lights. We've never seen so much illumination packed into such small, be-safe, be-seen style lights. It's blindingly good.

  • Ultrabright, 16 chip LED light
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery, 1200mAh
  • 130 Lumens max output
  • Multiple, fixed and flashing modes

From £7.99
Jobsworth Alphard USB Rechargable 0.5 Watt 2 LED Rear Light

Ultra bright dual 0.5 watt LED rear bike light from Jobsworth. USB rechargeable and weatherproofed to survive the British Weather.

  • USB rechargeable 3.7v/500mAh battery
  • Multiple illumination modes
  • Easy mount rubber strap
  • 10hrs runtime

From £9.99
Jobsworth Avior USB Rechargeable Light

Be safe, be seen with these brilliant USB rechargeable LED lights from Jobsworth. The Avior front and rear lights are simply too bright to be ignored.

  • Hi power LEDs
  • Li-ion batteries
  • USB rechargeable
  • Multi-illumination modes

From £9.99
Jobsworth Alcor USB Rechargeable Light

Be safe and be seen with the Jobsworth Alcor lights. We taken our standard button cell light and paired it up with a huge capacity USB rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.

  • 0.5 Watt LED
  • 1200mAh Li-Ion battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • 60 Lumens max output

From £5.99
Jobsworth Vega USB Rechargeable 0.5 Watt 2 LED Rear Light

Powerfull dual LED rear light with Li-ion battery pack and USB recharging cable. Be safe and be seen with the Vega

  • Li-ion, USB rechargeable rear light
  • 2 x 0.5 watt LEDS
  • IPX4 waterproof rated
  • 60 Luemns max output

From £14.99
Jobsworth Wezen USB Rechargable Front or Rear Light

With 100 lumens of light output and a 240 degree field of view the Wezen USB rechargeable LED bike light puts its advanced Chip-On-Board technology to good use. And this versatile little fella flashes white or red so it's perfect for use on the front or the back of your bike

  • Versatile red/white LED bike light.
  • USB rechargeable
  • Max runtime:11 hrs
  • Multiple illumination modes

From £9.99
Jobsworth Arcturus Lightset

The Jobsworth Arcturus light set is the next step up from our Capella lights. The Arcturus packs in a brilliantly bright LED and USB rechargeability.

  • Front and rear light set
  • Li-Ion, USB rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof IPX3 rated
  • Mounting hardware included

From £1.99
Jobsworth Bellatrix 0.5 Watt 4 LED Light

Super bright 0.5 watt LED rear bike light. Powered by 2x AAA batteries you can be sure of getting hours of light from this little blinder.

  • 2x AAA battery powered (Not Included)
  • 0.5watt LED
  • Water resistant
  • Runtime:Over 100 hours

From £4.99
Jobsworth Capella LED Light

The Jobsworth Capella is the perfect light for cyclists who want to be seen. Use it with an additional main beam light such as our Asterion USB front light for serious night rides

  • 0.5 Watt ultrabright LED
  • 2x button cell battery powered, included
  • 60 Lumens max output
  • IPX Waterproof rated

From £1.99
Jobsworth Rigel 0.5 Watt 2 LED Rear Light Sizzling Summer Meltdown Sale Now On
Jobsworth Rigel 0.5 Watt 2 LED Rear Light

AAA battery powered, dual 0.5 watt LED, rear light. Be safe and be seen with the Jobsworth Rigel.

  • 2x 0.5 superbright LEDs
  • AAA Battery powered
  • 30 hours runtime (flashing)
  • Seatpost mounting band included