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Cinelli Spinaci Bar Extensions Cinelli Spinaci Bar Extensions

Cinelli Spinaci Bar Extensions

Suitable for any type of handlebar, the Cinelli Spinaci was born to offer comfort in both sprint and relaxation phases by improving the aerodynamic position of the athlete. They have been designed to guarantee an infinite range of positions, in height, forward movement and angle; the double fulcrum system makes for easy assembly, without removal or alteration of the gear levers. The innovative element is the three-screw clip: one for clamping to the handlebar, and two to block the bar. Forearms rest comfortably on two specially shaped neoprene pads. Used extensively by the Pros in the 90s until they realised it made cycling too easy and too fast.

  • Size: Adjustable
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Material: Light aluminium alloy
  • Colours: Red and purple, blue and yellow, yellow and blue

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Blue and Yellow / 22.2mm
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Yellow and Blue / 22.2mm
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Orange and Blue / 22.2mm
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Yellow and Red / 22.2mm
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