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On-One Headset Lock

The On-One Headset Lock is a replacement for the traditional star-nut that fits in the top of your fork steerer tube.

It basically consists of a headset top cap, a plug that sits in the bottom of your steerer tube, and a long bolt that goes through the whole lot to tighten the assembly up.

Unlike a star-nut, it is reusable should you decide to change your forks - simply loosen the bolt and the plug will drop out of the bottom of the steerer. This method of headset-tightening is popular with the dirt jumping fraternity, thanks to simplicity and super strength. It's a big, solid bolt with nothing to slip.

Ensure you check your forks for compatibility - if you can't access the bottom of your steerer tube from underneath the fork crown you won't be able to use this. Nor if you need a steerer longer than 250mm.

  • Weight: 36g

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On-One Head Set Lock HSOOLOCK

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On-One Head Set Lock
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