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Podsacs Luggage


Stormproof Bicycle Luggage

Sheffield's premier rucksack and luggage manufacturer have turned their attention to creating and perfecting the very finest cycling and bikepacking bags. Expedition tested and constructed from only the most durable materials the new PODSACS bicycle luggage range includes bags suitable for all cycling activities across a range of price levels to suit all pockets.

PODSACS Expedition products are made from welded, double-sided 840D TPU. These ultra-tough bags are ready to carry your kit halfway around the world and back again. Daytripper products are made from a mix of 840D and lighter 600D TPU; still, 100% waterproof they offer all the protection you'll ever need for daily riding. PODSACS' recreational range uses 500D Tarpaulin and ballistic nylon to offer load-lugging ability and waterproof durability that belies its honest pricing.

Saddle up and haul out with PODSACS new bikepacking luggage range.


  • Designed For UK Conditions
  • 100% Stormproof By Design
  • 840D, 600D & Tarpaulin Fabrics
  • Sturdy Multi-point Fixings
  • Roll Top Closures
  • Retro-reflective Detailing
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Stormproof Construction

Keeping It Dry

100% Waterproof

Keeping your gear dry hour after hour even during torrential rain isn't easy. That's why PODSACS Expedition bags use 100% welded 840D TPU construction with waterproof roll-top closures. Daytripper bags use lighter 600D TPU and the recreational packs use vinyl-tarp and ballistic nylon. Because dry-means-dry.

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Rock Steady Fixtures

Expedition Ready

Real Hardwear

Duarable Mounting Systems

Custom moulded buckles, wide webbing, padded straps, massive hook and loop closures, everything about the PODSACS bikepacking rnage is designed to hold steady. Even on the inside we've reinforced load points, welded support patches and rivetted clamps to ensure these bags are rock steady from the first time you fit them.

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Planet X

Podsacs Luggage range

From £9.99
PODSACS Medium Saddle Bag

The perfect saddlebag for busy riders and racers who only need modest carrying capacity. Nicknamed the PODSACS Piranha saddle bag, it provides 0.6L of internal volume and will swallow items up to 20cm in length, making it perfect for most mini-pumps and tyre foam aerosols.

  • Hook-n-loop saddle and seatpost mount straps.
  • Welded retro-reflective zipper
  • Internal sleeve and Keyloop
  • Weatherproof 420D/210D Nylon

From £7.99
PODSACS Top Tube Wedge Bag

Low slung, weatherproof carrying capacity that hangs under your top tube. The PODSCAS Top Tube Wedge Bag provides 1.5L of luggage space and has a large side entry zipper and multiple internal cargo mesh compartments and spares sleeves.

  • Vinyl Tarp and Nylon construction
  • Weatherproof build
  • Internal cargo mesh and sleeves
  • Retro-reflective detailing

From £4.99

The essential gear bag the PODSACS Dry Bag is available in 25L, 20L, 15L, 10L and 5L carrying capacities. Radio frequency welded seams, waterproof roll-top closure an adjustable shoulder strap and padded grab handle combine to make the PODSACS Tote the perfect gear bag, wet, or dry, clean or dirty.

  • Bombproof build
  • Waterproof construction
  • Grab handle and adjustable shoulder strap
      Size labelled design

From £11.99
PODSACS Bike-n-Hike Handlebar-Shoulder Bag With Waterproof Cover

PODSAC's Bike-n-Hike is a versatile 2 Litre capacity Handlebar-Shoulder bag that features a three-point handlebar mount and quick-fit shoulder strap that makes it perfect for use on or off the bike. Constructed from Vinyl Tarpaulin Fabric with water resistant zips it even comes with its own stowable rain cover for when it's really tipping down.

  • Showerproof Vinyl Tarp with rain cover
  • 3-point handlebar mount and shoulder strap
  • Multiple internal compartments and side mesh
  • Heaphone port

From £14.99
PODSACS Voyager Roll Top Handlebar Bag

PODSAC's Voyager is a medium capacity roll-top handlebar bag that's quick and easy to fit and supremely durable. Built using PODSAC's renowned 100% Stormproof Construction the Voyager benefits from a fully welded construction and is made entirely from waterproof 600D TPU.

  • Waterproof, 600D TPU welded construction
  • 3-Point handlebar mount and shoulder strap
  • Roll-top closure
  • Retroreflective detailing

From £14.99
PODSACS Precious Top Tube Bag With Rain Cover

The PODSACS Precious Top Tube Bag is designed to protect and give quick access to all your essentials. With a large padded central compartment, two internal side pockets and a stowaway showerproof cover it's perfect for managing your personal effects.

  • Vinyl tarpaulin construction
  • EVA padded lining
  • Fast frame mount straps.
  • Stowaway showerproof cover

From £14.99
PODSACS Auxiliary Waterproof Handlebar Bag

When you need a little more carrying capacity the PODSACS Auxiliary Handlebar Bag is just the ticket. Offering an additional 2.5 Litres of luggage volume and fitting in seconds this bag only mounts via the Expedition Handlebar Bag. All welded construction, 100% waterproof.

  • Stormproof, double-sided TPU and welded construction
  • Adventure-tough 3-point fixing system
  • Dual roll closures
  • Retroreflective detailing

From £10.00
PODSACS Daytripper Waterproof Saddle Bag With QR Clamp

The PODSACS Daytripper 1.5 Litre QR Saddlebag is made to survive the worst of the British weather. Created from 840D double-sided TPU, it's 100% waterproof due to its radio-frequency welded construction and has a wipe clean finish.

  • Stormproof 840D TPU and welded construction
  • Glass reinforced Nylon QR saddle clamp
  • Roll top closure with drop tail
  • Retro-reflective detailing and LED light mount

From £14.99
PODSACS Daytripper Lite Waterproof Saddle Bag

The PODSACS Daytripper 1.2 Litre QR Saddlebag is made to survive the worst of the British weather. Created from single faced 600D TPU, it's 100% waterproof due to its radio-frequency welded construction and is built to last.

  • Stormproof 600D TPU and welded construction
  • Saddle rail and seatpost strap fixing 
  • Roll top closure with drop tail
  • Retro-reflective detailing and LED light mount

From £14.99
PODSACS Waterproof Frame Bag

Waterproof frame bags from PODSACS that allow you to conviniently carry all your important items on any trip without upsetting the balance of your bike.

  • Stormproof 500D Tarpaulin fabric
  • Adventure-tough 7-point fixing system
  • Waterproof external zip
  • Retroreflective detailing

From £19.99
PODSACS Waterproof Handlebar Bag

The essential waterproof handlebar barrel bag from POD. Made from 500 D Tarpaulin with a waterprof welded construction and plenty of fastening options the PODSACS Waterproof 500D Handlebar Bag is perfect for long cycling adventures.

  • Waterproof 500d tarpaulin
  • Welded construction
  • Padded bar mount straps
  • Adjustable strap and spares.

From £24.99
PODSACS Waterproof Saddle Pack

Waterproof, bike packing style saddle bags with reflective detailing and LED light mounts.

  • Wateproof tarpaulin lined
  • Reflective detailing
  • Two sizes (Subject to availability)
  • LED light mounts