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Knog Bike Lights, Locks and Accessories


Knog Bicycle Accessories

Knog Lights and Accessories

Few bicycle brands are as instantly recognisable as Knog. This Australian bike accessory brand, founded in 2003 has a bold, contemporary design style that's all its own and they have 37 international design awards to prove it. Their products are every bit as distinctive as anything from Apple, Rapha or any or the classic Italian bicycle builders.

Knog's products have an enviable reputation for quality, smart design thinking and they're not afraid to be trail blazers, inventing new gadget and product categories that other brands are quick to copy. If you've ever used a silicon band light on your bike, you can thank the guys and gals at Knog for that, they did it first. It's not just bike lights, of course, they make tough bike locks, intelligent luggage, tidy tools, smart bike computers and of course their ubiquitous own brand apparel.

We're huge fans of Knog at Planet X, owner Dave is simply crazy about lights so we thought it was about time we gave them their own category on the website so you can find all their great products in one place. Naturally we've secured a mega deal on pricing so you can enjoy Knog's stylish bike accessories at a huge discount.


  • Innovative Design
  • Environmentally Aware Production
  • Precision Manufacture
  • Industry leading Warranty
  • Lights, Luggage, Locks, and Apparel
  • Huge Discounts

Planet X

Knog range

From £0.49
Knog Blinder MOB Replacement Strap

Replacement straps for your Blinder MOB lights, small medium and long.

From £9.99
Knog Kabana Cable Lock

17mm thick braided cable lock from Knog. Smart thinking mixes braided steel wire with an anti-cut polymer fibre that will frustate would be bike thieves and their bolt cutters.

  • 17mm braided steel wire and anti-cut polymer fibre
  • 11mm hardened steel shackle
  • 740mm end to end length
  • Silicone rubber over moulded construction

From £3.99
Knog Musette

A rethink of the time honoured Mussette bag lead Knog to create their new Musette Belt Bag.

  • Multi-pocket design
  • 100% cotton
  • Presstud closures

From £11.99
Knog Party Coil Cable Lock

Smart, compact and packing 10mm of braided steel and anti-cut polymer core the Party Coil Cable lock is perfect for heading out and meeting up with friends- party on!

  • Length: 1.3m
  • 10mm diameter
  • Silicone rubber over moulded
  • Bladed security key

From £7.99
Knog Ringmaster 1.2 Cable

Beef up your security with 1.2m of steel braided cable and anti-cut poly core. perfect for using with an additional lock for tieing your bike up in knots.

  • Length: 1200mm
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • 300kg load rated

From £39.99
Knog Strongman U-Lock

Portable, 'Sold Secure' Gold rated, real bike security never felt this cool. Knog's Strongman is seriously tough and good looking with it.

  • 13mm Hardened steel shackle
  • Silicone rubber overmloulded
  • Disc style lock barrel over 5000 combinations
  • Double locking mechanism