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Jobsworth Tools

When A Job's Worth Doing


Jobsworth Bicycle Tools

Jobsworth Bicycle Tools and Toolkits

If a Job's worth doing it's worth doing right! That's was the inspiration for the Jobsworth name and that belief still drives every Jobsworth product that we make. There's no better way to show how much you love your bike than by doing all your own bike maintenance. You'll learn some valuable skills, have a good time doing it and save a bundle of money on workshop charges into the bargain.

The Jobsworth Bike Tools range includes all the tools that our own workshop mechanics use to assemble and service all the bikes we make- it also includes all the great pocket size tools and essentials that we take with us on every bike ride. If you're looking for top quality tools that are built to last you'll find them here. From allen keys to torque wrenches, pedal spanners, chain tools and cassette tools, headset and bottom bracket presses to spanner packs, workshop toolkits to wheel-truing stands and everything in between you'll find them all here.

The Jobsworth Bike Tools range includes all of the essential bike tools that you need to complete every major or minor bicycle repair task- and they all offer remarkable value for money. Why pay more?



  • Workshop Tool Kits
  • Multi-tools and Mini-tools
  • Bike Stands
  • Wheel Jigs
  • Spanner and Allen Key Sets
  • Quality Tools At Everyday Prices
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Jobsworth Tools range

From £10.00
Jobsworth Full Monty Spick and Span Bundle

We've just launched our brand new range of Jobsworth Full Monty Bicycle solutions. Chain cleaner, Disc Brake Cleaner, PTFE Fortfied Spray Lube and our bumper 1L trigger pack of Cycle cleaner.

From £1.99
Jobsworth Full Monty Silicone Spray

400ml of easy to apply Silicone Spray protection that defends your bike from mud and muck build up. It's also perfect for lubricating fork and shock seals for reduced stiction and smoother travel.

  • Quick and easy
  • Spray on buff off
  • Protects paint and metalwork
  • Lubricates seals, reduces fork stiction

From £14.99
Jobsworth Pro Digital Hanging Scale

Weigh your bike easily and accurately with these accurate scales, also double up as some handy fishing scales!

From £3.99
Jobsworth Pro Master Chain Link Pliers

Easily remove the master link on your chain without getting your hands dirty with these pliers

From £2.99
Jobsworth 11 Function Keyring Tool

Compact keyring size multi-tool from Jobsworth that packs a punch and 11 functions into a tiny package.

  • Easy key-ring mount
  • Bottle opener and multi-tool
  • Spoke keys
  • Phillips 1 driver

From £4.99
Jobsworth 11 Function Multitool

The Jobsworth 11 Function Multi-tool is a real handfull. Full of wrenches, allen keys, flat, crosshead and Torx drivers and even a chain tool.

  • Chain tool, allen keys, and drivers <>li>Compact carry
  • Durable anodized alloy frame

From £4.99
Jobsworth Cassette Brush And Claw Tool

Keeping your drivetrain clean is key if you want efficient pedalling and slick shifting. There's no way around it, you have to give your bike some regular love. We've designe a new cassette claw and gear brush specifically for keeping your drive train clean.5p Offer limited to 1 per customer

  • 2 Piece cassette cleaning kit
  • Works with all drivetrains
  • Tough stuff claw
  • Cleaning brush

From £4.99
Jobsworth Chain Tool

A classic chain tool for helping to fix and splice chains, remove excess links and generally fettle your chain into whatever shape you require. 5p Offer limited to 1 per customer

  • 11-speed compatible
  • Replaceable pins
  • Peening head for greater security
  • Tighten loose links and loosen stiff links

From £0.05
Jobsworth Tri Head Allen Key

It's the universal allen key tool that no self respecting cyclist should bever be without. it'll undo 90% of the bolts on most modern bikes and it's an ergonomic wonder

  • rubber moulded centre section
  • 4mm, 5mm, amnd 6mm allen key ends
  • Ideal for all those small adjustment jobs

From £3.99
Jobsworth Hose Pipe Brush

Better bike cleaning from Jobsworth without the risk of jetting all the grease out of your bearings.

  • Quick click assembly
  • Variable water flow rate
  • Dual stiffness bristles
  • Perfect for bike and car

From £1.99
Jobsworth Triple Head Allen Key

Without a doubt the most essential tool anyone with a modern cycle can own with 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Allan keys this tool is equipped to adjust a huge range of parts on your bike, a pro team mechanic essential.

From £5.99
Jobsworth Pro Workshop Allen Key Set

Nine sizes of long-handled Allan keys for a variety of maintainance and repair uses on the bike

From £4.99
Jobsworth Bottom Bracket Wrench

Tool for removing and installing Shimano Hollowtech 2 bottom bracket.

From £2.99
Jobsworth ISIS/Octalink/Square Taper Chainset Removal Tool

Service and repair cranks and bottom brackets at home

From £0.99
Jobsworth Crank Cap Fitting Removing Tool

Thumbwheel tool for the installation of Shimano Hollowtech II cranksets. Also fits other chainset brands.

From £2.99
Jobsworth Chain Brush

Winter essential for on or offroad bikes, cleans mud salt and debris out of your cassette to keep your shfting smooth and precise.

From £3.99
Jobsworth Heavy Duty Chain Whip

Essential tool for removing cassettes from wheels, made from heavy duty steel for a lifetime of abuse.

From £9.99
Jobsworth 2 in 1 Cassette Tool And Chain Whip

A 2-in-1 Cassette Tool and Chain Whip from Jobsworth. Why take two tools into the shed when this long reach cassette removal tool has a secrete at its heart- a hidden chain whip.

From £4.99
Jobsworth 3 In 1 Pedal Wrench With Integral Allen Keys

3 in 1 pedal wrench, 15mm open ended spanner, 6mm and 8mm allen key. This is the perfect workshop tool for buding bike builders and mechanics.

  • 15mm and 6mm and 8mm allen
  • Soft grip handle
  • Long extension for leverage

From £9.99
Jobsworth Emergency Mini Tool Kit

Complete emergency repair package, with all the essentials for that unplanned emergency road or trail repair and the most essential tool of all - a bottle opener!

From £11.99
Jobsworth Slim Fully Loaded 18 Function Multitool

A minitool with a staggering array of tools despite a slim profile and low weight.

From £1.99
Jobsworth Pro Cone Spanner

Cone Spanners in a variety of sizes for home servicing and repairs

From £29.99
Jobsworth Headset and BB Frame Cup Press

Workshop quality headset press that also doubles as a BB tool for pressfit bottom brackets.

From £4.99
Jobsworth Cassette Lockring Tool

Cassette lockring removal tool for all Shimano cassettes and all SRAM 8,9,10 speed cassettes. Get the luxury rubber coated handle version for less than other brand's tools.

From £1.99
Jobsworth Tyre Levers
A pack of 3 sturdy tyre levers, an essential item for any cycle owner.