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Disc Brake Road Bikes

Once upon a time you could buy a serious mountain bike that only had rim brakes; trying to find any serious mountain bike without disc brakes these days is all but impossible. And there is a good reason for that, with more stopping power, lighter lever feel and the elimination of wear at the rim, disc brakes have a whole lot going for them. They are a better technical solution and that translates into a better riding experience for everyone. With the pace of development in road cycling pushing the technological boundaries of disc brakes,  and the UCI now allowing equipped bikes in races it’s certain that road cycling is heading the same way as mountain biking. Disc brakes on road bikes might still seem alien to most people, and we don’t blame you for thinking that, but once you try them you'll be converted! Still not sure your next Road bike needs Disc brakes? Check out our handy Disc Brakes guide


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