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Planet X


Steel Commuter Classic


Classic 'steel-is-real' do-it-all

Planet X Kaffenback

The Kaffenback is a classic, elegant and durable steel beauty. With a nod to traditional cycling design and aesthetics, the Kaffenback also incorporates modern refinements such as disc brakes, for improved lever modulation (feel) and greater braking power in any weather. Steel framed bikes are renowned for their unique road-smoothing ride quality and true lifetime durability. The Kaffenback is dependably tough and classy bike, committed to providing years of faithful service, all with impeccable style - a true companion!

Versatility is the key. The Kaffenback comes adventure-ready with mudguard and pannier mounts, as well as ample clearance for larger capacity tyres. Advanced design technology and modern manufacturing processes mean the Kaffenback has rigidity in all the right areas for efficient pedal power transfer, whilst still delivering on the promise of steel's positive flex, allowing for that wonderful 'cushioned' ride that's so widely adored. Use the Kaffenback for touring the globe, training, and commuting- it's a relationship that's built to last.  

  • Ride Everything
  • Unbeatable Cycling Versatility
  • Double Butted Steel Frameset
  • Disc Brake-Ready
  • Mudguard & Rack Mounts
  • Drop Or Flat Bar Options
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Ready For Adventure

The Kaffenback is a classy steel ride, made for all types of riders and all types of riding. From the urban jungle to coast-to-coast expeditions, the Kaffenback is a durable steed ready for grand touring adventures.

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Classic Design and Modern Features

Blending traditional frame materials with modern design and craftsmanship, the Kaffenback is no ordinary road bike. Whether it's the decidedly vintage 'Tea And Coffee' paint scheme, or timeless classic all black, you're getting modern refinements such as the latest geometry and powerful disc brakes. If you're new to road discs, welcome to incredible modulation (feel) at the lever, plus significantly more powerful stopping in any weather conditions. All this and zero wear to your precious wheel rims! What's more, it's future-proof!

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Drop or Flat Bar Options

Your choice, as personal to you as hipster jeans or chino's. Everyone's different. There's no right or wrong. Flat-bars are more upright, with a closer center of gravity for easy balance - great for urban riding; drop bars offer a wider variety of hand positions, ideal for postural changes on longer rides, helping reduce fatigue.

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Groupsets and Finishing Kit

There are a variety of finishing kit and groupset options available - you could specify a totally unique Kaffenback that's built just for you, or just grab one of our pre-built models. Whatever you choose, the Kaffenback is one of the most versatile do-it-all road bikes out there.

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