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Planet X


Advanced Aero Design


EXO3 TT / Triathlon Bike

Exo3 TT - Tri Bike

You can't beat the laws of physics, but with the new EXO3 TT/Triathlon bike you can use them to beat the competition. 

To surpass the Exocet2 design we went back to the drawing board, literally. Countless hours were spent refining the initial CAD model with the benefit of computational Fluid Dynamics and long sessions in the wind tunnel to bring the EXO3 to the apex of TT bike performance. An integrated handlebar morphs into the frame for reduced drag. A fully faired front brake set-up and deep aerofoil cross-sections in the main triangle tubing help retain laminar airflow to keep the EXO3 'slippy'. We've even gone to a more aerodynamic seat post design to trim every watt.

Available with a huge selection of the very best mechanical and electronic groupsets as well as tri-spoke, quin-spoke, deep section rim and rear disk wheels the EXO3 offers simply sublime performance. With the launch of the new EXO3 TT/triathlon bike, the rules of engagement have finally changed. Lead, don't follow.


  • Watt Saving Integrated Design
  • CFD and Wind Tunnel Tested
  • Toray T800 + HM Carbon Fibre
  • Fully Faired Brakes
  • Multiple Groupset options
  • Deep Section and Disc Wheels
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