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Luigino Verducci

Italian Hand Crafted Technical Road Shoes


Luigino Verducci - Designed for the pro, dedicated to the enthusiast

Luigino Verducci Italian Handmade Road Shoes

Luigino Verducci is a company who specialises in the production of hand-crafted technical footwear for professional cyclists and bike enthusiasts.  Wearing the right kind of shoes is of paramount importance for a dynamic and powerful bike ride. Until very recently, technical footwear was perceived as something specifically targeted at athletes and professionals, something focused on performance. Nowadays, however, this is no longer the case. An increasing number of cycling enthusiasts are looking for an artisan crafted solution for their cycling footwear.

But, what specs must a cycling shoe feature? In Luigino Verducci’s opinion, there is just a very subtle distinction, if at all, between a pro and a cycling enthusiast. The VR01 is an entirely handcrafted shoe, developed with the support of professional cyclists, thus enabling the production of a durable, comfortable and high performing technical shoe that features, besides its quality, an entirely customizable, dynamic and captivating design. 

  • Full Carbon FIbre Shells
  • Hand-Crafted
  • Arch & Heel Support
  • Anatomical Shape
  • Atop Lace System
  • Dual Ventilation
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Luigino Verducci range

Handcrafted Italian Road Shoe

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Luigino Verducci VR01 Handmade Road Shoes

Hand Crafted Techical road shoes from Luigino Verducci The VR01 has always been their crown jewel and remains synonymous with quality and durability. if you want hand made, artisan perfection, this is the shoe to ride.

  • Hand-Crafted
  • 100% carbon fibre hull
  • Arch & Heel support
  • Double ventilation system
  • Atop Lace System