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Cycle To Work Day

Thursday, August the 5th is Cycle To Work Day in the UK and to celebrate we are offering some amazing deals and offers. At Planet X, many of us ride to work every day and with help from our best-selling products, it’s a joy. Cycling clothing and accessories for commuters has also become more attractive, enticing more and more workers to cycle to work more regularly.

With safer cycle paths being created away from traffic, riding to work has never been easier. Cycling to work not only makes you fitter and healthier but it can also take less time than commuting in a car! Easily avoid the traffic and roll past cars that stand in long queues, and most importantly you don’t need expensive petrol to run your bike! With Cyclescheme its' even better value to cycle to work and we guarantee that the annual amount of money you spend on petrol would easily get you a nice and shiny new bike and all the gear.

Planet X is working exclusively with Cyclescheme to help you save on your next cycling purchase.

 is an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a bike and accessories. You pay nothing upfront, and the payments are taken from your salary by your employer in the most efficient way possible


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