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Packrafts – Your next outdoor adventure

Packrafts are the future of outdoor adventuring; allowing you to switch between trail, track, river and lake with ease. A lightweight inflatable boat that packs up small enough to carry on your bike or in a backpack.

Taking a Packraft with you will add an extra dimension to any adventure. These lightweight, durable boats are quick to inflate, far easier to carry than any canoe and incredibly simple to master in the water. With a Packraft in your rucksack you can cut across lakes, lochs and inlets at a moment’s notice.

Make one of our Packrafts part of your essential adventure kit and rule the water as well as the land.

  • Lightweight, easy-inflate go-anywhere boat
  • Industry leading construction and materials
  • Durable – tough tarp grade base
  • Stable, wide bodied design
  • Minutes to master for a lifetime of adventure
  • Packs up sleeping bag small
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On-One Calder Pack Raft

Take a pack raft with you on every trip and get out on the water without the hassle of a rigid body Canoe or Kayak. Light to carry, quick to assemble and inflate and tough enough to tackle any trip. The new On-One Calder 250 Packraft is here to help you expand your horizons.

  • Lightweight single person packraft
  • weight: 3.2kg (Open model)
  • Includes: Removable seat and seat back, stuff sack, inflation bag, repair kit, stern and bow grab loops.