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Wimbledon Factory Sale

Underground, overground, wombling free, The Wombles of Planet X Bikes are we. Making good use of the kit that we find, Things that the everyday folks might like.

Our Wombles have been hard at work finding and re-purposing cycling parts and kit to bring them to you at great prices to make use of. Everything in Wimbledon is perfectly usable.  Items in this section may...

    • - Have a small paint scratch or blemish
    • - Be a production sample
    • - Be a test sample and previously used to test the product or by a team rider but otherwise have nothing at all wrong

We'd rather make these available to you at a great price than having them sitting around here and every item has a note of why it's in Wimbledon on the item itself. You'll have to hurry there's usually just one of each item and at these prices they're going fast.


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