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Cycle To Work Schemes



Get fit and save money on your bike and cycling accessories with the cycle to work scheme.

You can purchase a government-backed tax-free bike plus accessories and spread the cost over 12 months via interest-free instalments taken from your salary.

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Planet X is working exclusively with Cyclescheme to help you save on your next cycling purchase.

Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a bike and accessories. You pay nothing upfront, and the payments are taken from your salary by your employer in the most efficient way possible.

What is Cyclescheme? from Cyclescheme Ltd on Vimeo.


You can use the Cyclescheme calculator below to work out what you can save on your new cycling purchase. On average it is between 25-39% (Dependent upon the rate of tax that you pay).


Speak to your HR department to find if your workplace is registered with CYCLESCHEME.CO.UK


Visit PLANETX.CO.UK and select your bike and/or cycling accessories

When purchasing your bike with PLANET X, after selecting your size and/or customising your components your bike will be added to our build schedule and a delivery estimate will be displayed.

All of our bikes are built and meticulously checked over by our professional mechanics. We don't include pedals with our bikes as standard, as we believe pedal choice is a personal thing and most cyclists will have specific pedals that work with their shoes. If you wish to add pedals to your order, simply select them as an option from the drop-down menu.


Once you have added your bike and/or accessories to your basket, make a note of the basket total value, including your delivery cost. (Remember the Cycle to Work voucher you are applying for, must cover the entire value of your purchase plus delivery costs)


Visit CYCLESCHEME.CO.UK with your basket value and follow the steps to receive your Unique Certificate Number and Redemption Code. (You may need to do this via your employer)

Please Note: - Cycle to Work vouchers cannot be used with any other promotions. Please make sure you apply for the full sell price of the bike when applying for your voucher



Log in to your Planet X account
Place the items in the basket. (This must be the exact amount on your voucher or below.)

Click pay with Cyclescheme at the checkout

Enter the voucher code

Scroll down the page after entering the first code and re-enter both the codes that show on your 
Click buy

After your transaction has been processed you will receive an email notification with relevant information on how to track your order. When your bike arrives simply complete a few basic assembly steps and your new bike will be ready to get outside and ride.


Don’t forget Cyclescheme is not limited to bikes! This means you can save money on everything you need.

This could mean a new bike plus all the accessories to go with it, like a helmet, clothing, or bike lights, it’s your up to you!
(exceptions: GPS ride trackers and navigation devices, Bike racks for cars, Cameras, Turbo trainers or rollers, Gift cards, Nutritional products / foodstuffs, Power meters, Headphones.)

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How much can I save?

You can use the Cyclescheme calculator above to work out what you can save on your new cycling purchase. On average it is between 25-39% (dependent upon the rate of tax that you pay).

How does the Cycle to Work scheme work?

You order a bike and then hire it back from your employer for an agreed period, via monthly payments. These payments are deducted directly from your salary each month. At the end of your agreed Cycle to Work period, ownership of the bike will be transferred to you, for more information on this please visit Cyclescheme End of Hire FAQs.

What vouchers do you accept?

Cyclescheme is our sole exclusive Cycle to Work partner.

Can I spend more than the value of my Cycle to Work voucher?

Because Cyclescheme does not necessarily have a value limit, your order total (including delivery) must match your voucher value total.
Even though the Cyclescheme doesn't have a limit, it is important to note that it is at the sole discretion of your employer, as to whether they will allow purchases over the value of £1000 to be made on the Cycle to Work scheme and you should check with your employer what their current policy is.

What if I don’t spend the full value of my Cycle to Work voucher?

You must spend the full value of your Cyclescheme voucher. We are currently unable to refund any remaining credit left on a voucher after a transaction is made. This means that unless you spend your entire voucher value when you make your purchase, our system will automatically match the basket total to the full voucher value.  

What if I have requested my certificate and not included postage and shipping in my Cycle to work voucher?

 If you have forgotten to include postage in your voucher request, you have two options. You can re-request the value of your certificate to include the postage or you can contact Planet x to process payment for the postage.

What items does my Cycle to Work scheme voucher include?

Your Cyclescheme voucher can be used on bikes and cycling accessories with exception to: GPS ride trackers and navigation devices, Bike racks for cars, Cameras, Turbo trainers or rollers, Gift cards, Nutritional products / foodstuffs, Power meters, Headphones.
When selecting the items you wish to use your voucher on, make sure that your voucher value covers the entire cost of your order including delivery.

What warranty do I have on my bike?

All Planet X, On-One, Viner, Holdsworth and Selcof products carry a 2-year warranty as standard for the original owner (Titus titanium bike frames feature a lifetime warranty as standard for the original owner). All other branded goods carry the full manufacturer's warranty, which may vary in duration but will be a minimum of 1 year. Any component replaced or repaired by Planet X will be still covered for the remaining period of the original product. For more information we have a range of helpful documents relating to warranty here.

How do I cancel my Cycle to Work order?

If you wish to cancel your order, or if you have any queries before, during or after your purchase please contact our UK based customer services team (or click the Live Help button).

How do I return my Cycle to Work order?

If you wish to return your order, please visit our returns and refunds page.

What if I want to return part of my Cycle to Work order?

If you wish to return part of your Cycle to Work order, a credit will be applied to your PLANET X account equal in value to the item you are returning. Your account credit cannot be used on items that are not included on the Cyclescheme bikes and cycling accessories list (see 'What items does my Cycle to Work scheme voucher include?' above.)

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