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How To Clean And Protect Your Bike

How To Clean And Protect Your Bike

How To Clean And Protect Your Bike

After a long day bike riding, your pride and joy might not be looking or feeling so great anymore. Trail dust and road dirt build up can hinder the performance of your bike, damage the finish and it definitely won’t look as nice anymore.
Cleaning and protecting your bike is essential for keeping it running efficiently and smooth and maintaining its looks.

Follow our step by step guide on how to Clean and Protect your bike to learn all you need to know about keeping your bike in great condition.

What you will need.
What do you need to clean your bike

  • Bucket of warm water with bike detergent mixed in
  • Bucket of cold water
  • Bike Detergent
  • Chain Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Selection of bike cleaning brushes
  • Chain Lube, wet or dry dependent on season and riding conditions
  • Microfiber towel or Chamois leather
      (Optional extras)

        You can use a good set of gloves either latex or a classic pair of marigolds to protect your hands from grease, grime and cleaning solvents and also keep them warm if it’s cold weather.

          Cleaning your bike in a 
bike maintenance work stand
         lifts the bike to an ergonomic height for working and allows access to tight spaces allowing the wheels/cranks to spin freely.

Step 1

Agitate dirt with soft bristle brush

            Using your 
brush and the warm water, lather the bike all over to start the cleaning process and loosen the dirt on the bike.

Step 2

spray drivetrain with degreaser

Chain Cleaner and Degreaser over the chain and drivetrain and allow to soak for a few moments to activate the lifting formula

Step 3

use claw brush for cleaning jockey wheels

            Use your 
claw brush to remove and softened grease and dirt from the jockey wheels and then use the stiff bristle brush to scrub down the cassette and the rest of the drivetrain.

Step 4

Spray entire bike in bike cleaner

          While the degreaser gets to work, spray your bike liberally all over with the 
high performance bike cleaner,
         front to back. Use the soft bristle brush to lather up the cleaning formula and work your way from the top of your bike to the bottom front to back. Rinse your dirty brush out in the cold water bucket and then dip it back into the soapy warm water to re-lather as you go.

Step 5

Use stiff bristle brush to scrub drivetrain

          When you get to the drivetrain swap to the 
Stiff Bristle Brush
         to avoid contamination, make sure to give it a good rinse in the clean water bucket first to remove any dirt collected.

Step 6

      If some grease and dirt remains apply another coat of Chain Cleaner and Degreaser and repeat the process ensuring all of the cleaner is thoroughly rinsed off your chain so as not to interfere with future lubrication.

Step 7

      Rinse your whole bike in clean water (be careful, if using a hose pipe, not to apply powerful water pressure to areas that contain bearings such as bottom bracket, headset and wheels as this will push the grease and lubrication, you want to keep in there, out.)

Step 8

      Run over your freshly cleaned bike with a Microfibre towel or Chamois leather to mop up any water that’s collected in recesses and bolts

Step 9

Spray bike chain with lubricant

          Once your bike is dry, its time to re-apply the all important lubricant. Rotate your cranks backwards whilst spraying 
Wet or Dry Lubricant
         onto your chain. Wet lube if you live somewhere where there is a lot of wet weather or during the winter months, to help keep water out or Dry lube if you live somewhere dry or during summer to prevent dust and grit from sticking to your chain. Once the whole length of your chain has been coated use a rag or cloth to remove any excess lube from your chain

Step 10

Spray bike frame with bike protect

          Give your bike a generous coating of 
Silicone Bike Protect
        , (be careful not to get any spay on your brake rim, disc or pads, as this can affect performance) this will give you that sparkly brand new bike look and also prevent dirt from sticking to your bike so your next bike clean will be even easier.

    Your bike should now be shiny, fresh, protected and feeling good, ready for the next ride.

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