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SRAM Force 22 and SRAM Force 1

SRAM Force 22

Sitting just one rung below SRAM’s range topping Red groupset SRAM Force is designed with racers and dedicated cycling enthusiasts in mind. SRAM Force is by far one of the lightest and technologically advanced groupsets in its price range. This combined with responsive shifting and smooth transmission make it the perfect choice for those cyclists serious about making every ride count.




SRAM Force 1

Hailed by SRAM as ‘Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.’ Force 1 is an updated version of what was formally CX1. Initially developed for mountain bikes and then later used to great success in cyclocross SRAM’s 1X technology is at the forefront of the evolution of road orientated cycling. Multiple gearing options are provided by combining different combinations of chainring and cassette, enabling a multipurpose functionality from this simplistic set up. The removal of a front mech and small chain ring also reduces weight and chain line efficiency. Crit racing is a particularly good example of where the benefits of a 1X drive train are apparent, most crit riders will never change to their smaller front chain ring. Rival 1 would enable a crit racer to have a much wider selection of gearing across their rear cassette, offering the ability to switch between gears with zero losses in momentum. Force 1 is also perfectly suited to TT/Triathlon’s gravel/adventure riding, cyclocross and commuting.

Both SRAM Force 22 and Force 1 are available with hydraulic braking, Rival 1 is currently limited to disc brakes but Rival 22 has both Disc and Rim options. There are many other great features to both Rival 22 and Rival1 we've listed some of the best below;


Yaw is only availible with SRAM 22 groupsets and allows the front derailleur cage to rotate, maintaining a consistent angular relationship with the chain. Yaw technology eliminates the need for shifter trim. As a result, shifts feel more direct, more precise, delivering unmatched performance advantage in front shifting.



Double Tap

DoubleTap makes changing gears easier and faster, eliminating the cumbersome and awkward engagement associated with two-lever systems. DoubleTap handles up- and downshifts in one short, sweeping motion, with minimal effort and maximum comfort no matter where you are on the bars. For new SRAM users getting used to how DoubleTap works will feel strange at first compared with other two lever systems. This is down to the on lever system used by SRAM DoupleTap, a short, rapid tap moves the rear derailleur through the smaller cogs of the rear cassette. Whilst downshifting comes via a longer sweep of the lever (in the same inward direction you upshift). Unlike all other forward controls, DoubleTap also lets you pull the shift lever in against the bars so you can upshift while sprinting or attacking without giving up a firm grip. This also allows the brake and shift levers to be completely independent from one another, each operating with their own pivot points. This not only allows for the multiposition functionality, it also eliminates the risk of engaging brakes or shifters unintentionally - an unfortunate side effect of other shift/brake lever designs.




WiFLi stands for Wider – Faster – Lighter and is SRAM’s revolutionary concept that allows WiFLi users to accommodate a much wider range of gears on the rear cassette, than a standard double or triple groupset. With Rival 1 this combined with different sized front chain rings will offer an incredibly wide range of gearing options. WiFli accommodates this range of gears without compromising shifting or efficiency.


SRAM Force 1 X-SYNC Chainrings

SRAM X-SYNC chain rings are used for 1X groupsets only and provide the highest level of performance and durability. They use a wide-tooth, narrow-tooth chain ring technology to provide maximum chain control, eliminating the need for a chain catcher. This adaption to the chain ring is crucial to the success of 1X groupsets in cyclocross. The Force 1 X-SYNC chain ring goes even further to improve performance through the challenging conditions of cyclocross with Mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers.

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