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30 Terms You May Hear Whilst Mountain Biking

Whilst out mountain biking you may hear some strange terms being said between more experienced riders. To help you understand this often confusing language, here are our top 30 things mountain bikers say.

Shred, To ride a trail particularly fast, skilfully or with style. “Dude lets go shred that trail”

Gnar, A particularly difficult, steep or rough trail section, “that last downhill had some serious gnar”

Loam, lose soft, dirt that known for its balance of grip and flow and ability to create roost.

Dab, to take a foot of the pedal and touch the floor to help with balance. “if I hadn't dabbed on that corner I would've bailed”

Berm, a raised bank on a corner to aid in smooth fast cornering.

Double, a jump with a gap between take-off and landing. “bro, did you see me clear that double” Also called a Gap Jump

Table Top, a jump with a flat surface between take-off and landing.

Case, not quite clearing a jump thus causing the rear wheel to collide with the landing. “dude you need a lawyer for that case”

Drop Off, an abrupt elevation change or “drop” in a trail that you cannot just roll off.

Bail, to eject oneself from the bike to avoid a crash. “ I was so loose on that last section I had to bail or I would've crashed.”

Whip, to rotate your bike to a sideways angle whilst airborne from a jump or drop.

Roost, mud and dirt that flies up behind your bike after you go round a corner with lose ground

Pinned, to be riding very fast and smooth. “I was pinned today, definitely got a PR on Strava”

Manual, to lift the front wheel from the ground without pedalling and maintain it there for a period of time whilst moving.

Sick, Good. “That trail was so sick”

OTB, Over The Bars. To be ejected from your bike whilst crashing straight forwards over the handlebars.

Whoops, A set of small hills or bumps on the trail one after the other that requires a specific skill set to navigate without an OTB or significant crash

Stoked, to be particularly excited on either the anticipation of hitting a new trail or the excitement of how well you just rode a section. “ Bro I’m so stoked to ride that new Jump line, its gonna be epic”

Dialled, when your riding is on top form on a day “dude your riding is so dialled today”. Or getting the setup of your bike just right.

Send it, to ride a trail feature like a drop or gap aggressively. “That drop is massive so I’m just gonna send it”

Session, to ride one particular section of a trail till you can ride it perfectly

Wash out, when cornering and front, back or both wheels slide out laterally causing you to crash. “ That corner was so loose I washed out and had to bail”

Taco, to bend ones wheel so extravagantly it resembles a taco shell.

Sketchy, When a section of a trail is more difficult or treacherous due to different conditions than normal. “that trail was so sketchy in the wet”

Rock Garden, part of a trail that heavily features many rocks or boulders giving an increased difficulty in traversing. Natural and man-made rock gardens exist.

Strava, A GPS app for your smart device that you spend more time looking at segments to see if you're faster than your mates than actually using for GPS or health benefits.

Line, a chosen path down a trail or particular feature. “I chose the perfect line on that trail, definitely got KOM on Strava”

Dude, can refer to a male or female riding companion, even if a complete stranger.

Grom, a younger rider usually under 16 years old.

Yew, often over-exaggerated and shouted with excitement as a way to express how much you are enjoying yourself or someone else's riding. “Yeeeewwwwwww boy”

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