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SRAM NX1 Groupset

SRAM just keep on pushing the innovations. Only a few seasons ago they introduced their 1X drivetrain concept to the world in their XO1 groupset. Not only have they trickled that technology down to lower groupsets but they've also pushed it even further to the top of the food chain with their new Eagle 1X groupset. While we'd all like to be riding around on bikes with a £1,200 groupset for most of us that's just not possible and that's why today we're focusing on SRAM's latest and greatest entry level groupset NX1.

SRAM released GX1 a few months ago and it smashed people's expectation of what an entry level groupset can do. Now they've done it again with their latest NX1 components.

What's so special about 1X drivetrain anyway? Remember all the times that you've dropped a chain on the inside of you chainset, or thrown it off the outside of your cranks because you were trying to crunch across your triple chainset or bouncing down rough ground without a  chain guide? We have, every other ride to be honest. 1X groupsets exist to simplify your drivetrain. A narrow-wide profile chainring fits your chain better and holds onto it eliminating the need for a chain guide. But will having only one chainring loses me gears? Well, it might lose you small steps between gears and a huge number of overlapping gears in different rings, but do you lose top and bottom ratios, not really. My 1X 38t and an 11-42 gives me all but a couple of % of my previous 11-36, 26/38 double, and it weighs a tonne less. I've removed a chainring, heavier cranks, lost my front mech and front shifter, tidied up my bars, gained chain security and confidence in how my bike handles over rough terrain because I'm not worrying about throwing my chain. What's not to like?

NX1 Chainset:

NX cranks come in 155m 165, 170 and 175mm versions, something for every rider and every bike. SRAM have launched with 94mm BCD and direct mount options for chainrings so you can use their narrow wide chainrings for extra chain retention or you can run with aftermarket oval rings from third party brands. NX1 chainsets are also available in 49mm, 52mm Boost, and 66.5mm FatBike spacing. 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 40t chainrings are more available so you can mix and match.

NX1 Derailleur:

The NX1 rear mech shares most of the features of SRAM's higher spec groupsets, it might not get the ceramic jockey wheels bearings of XX1 but that's all that's missing. The X-Horizon straight parallelogram cage shifts cleanly and silently. It uses narrow-wide profile jockey wheels for improved chain control. It's compatible with all SRAM 1x11 drivetrains, so you can m,ix and match with GX1, X1, and any of the top end groupsets. Put your money into the parts that you know take the biggest kicking, NX1 lets you buy smart.

NX1 Trigger Shifter:

The NX1 shifter is the only shifter in the SRAM range that does without their Matchmaker clamp system. It's a small price to pay for simple shifting and incredible value for money that NX1 one offers. Since you don't have a front mech shifter you can flip your Dropper Post lever and run it on the right side of your bar anyway. NX1 is seriously smart the shifter can upshift up to five cogs in one shift and downshifts a single gear at a time.

PC-1110 Chain

With solid pins and a chrome, hard plate finish the PC-1110 chain is up to the task at hand. It's no lightweight, hollow pin marvel, but it's also not a £40 chain. You get what you pay for here and what you're paying for is a slick shifting highly durable chain that won't let you down. And like all the other NX1 parts you can mix and match with any 1X chain from SRAM if you fancy an upgrade in the future.

PG-1130 Cassette

Last but by no means least in the NX1 groupset is the PG-1130 cassette. Available in 11-42t versions and weighing in at a decently light 538g the NX1 cassette is a peach. It uses stamped rings and a pinned construction to maximise strength and minimise weight. It's compatible with any other 1x components from SRAM and it fits any standard SRAM/Shimano freehub body.

NX1 might just be the perfect entry level groupset, it makes mountain biking more affordable and naturally we're going to be speccing it on a load of new bikes. If there's any price to pay then it's the fact that it weighs a little more than the higher spec options from SRAM, but don't forget they all weigh considerably less than the 2X and 3X drivetrain that you're currently riding round on- and NX1 just works better. One less thing to worry about so you can just get out and enjoy the ride.

Rear derailleur220g252g256g265g322g
Trigger shifter91g91g121g122g142g
Total weight1,473g1,525g1,6300g1,650g1,955g


We've just started taking delivery of NX1 and we're currently building it up onto your favourite On-one bikes. The first out of the gate is the new DeeDar NX1- it's all the bike you'll ever need and just perfect for aggressive UK trail riding.

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