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Guerciotti Vega Road Bike with Campagnolo Athena groupset


Guerciotti: A story that starts from afar

For almost half a century Guerciotti has made a huge effort to create "high end" bikes recognised among the global leaders. Planet X are now stocking a massive range, so browse the site and let us know what you think.

Guerciotti's identity has been constantly updated through technology and design, building on a solid platform of successes. A clear demonstration of this is the 2010 catalog, featuring models in tune with both the desire for innovation and the desire for a style that never forgets its origins. Drawing on how the "made in Italy" look is now more fashionable than ever and very justifiably part of Guerciotti's pride and prestige.


Guerciotti has a long history in cycling, which is preparing to celebrate 50 years in business. A simple story, which began in 1964, when Italo a well known and experienced 'ciclocrossista blue', with his brother Paulo decided to open a small shop of 20 square meters for the sale and repair of bicycles in via Petrella 4 in Milan.
The first store

Paolo Guerciotti
It 's always Italo's idea to transmit the passion for cycling he shares with Paulo, who in 1961 began racing, rapidly becoming  successful, and then devoted himself exclusively to cyclo-cross and then to conquer the blue shirt in the global Saccolongo in 1979.
Meanwhile, the shop became too small for the large and loyal customer base. So you opt for an extension of the head office and for the transfer in Corso Buenos Aires. In 1975, thanks to the commercial success on a steady rise Guerciotti's brothers extended, moving in via Tamagno.
Paolo and Italo

And in 1975 was a historic year for Guerciotti. In fact, in addition to increasing the construction of special racing bikes, thanks to the dynamism of Paolo Guerciotti, there was also an escalation of trade, starting the export of its products, especially to the U.S. launching at the same time the American team Ten Speed Drive-Guerciotti . E 'in these years that the brand Guerciotti is known and appreciated all over the world, getting the attention of major magazines such as Bicycling (the most important American magazine). The U.S., in the 80s, represent the most important market for the brand Guerciotti, becoming by far one of the leaders for road bikes.

The American magazine Bicycling and the American team Ten Speed Drive-Guerciotti 

Not only that, but in 1976, road bikes Guerciotti debut in professional field equipping Fiorella Loafer, and continuing thereafter with Fiorella Citroen, Magniflex-Fam Kitchens (getting less than 5 stage victories in the Tour of Italy, 1979), Santini -Selle Italy, Alfa Lum and Dromedary-Sidermec.
The team Fiorella Loafer in 1976
In these years running with their bikes Guerciotti important runners, including GB Baronchelli and Giovanni Battaglin.

Johannson, Bortolotto and Paolo Guerciotti 

And 'thanks to the collaboration with these professional teams Guerciotti makes products more and more advanced by both the technological point of view and from the point of view of design. For this reason Guerciotti bikes are now treasured in all major markets around the world, and confirmation is the presence of the Milanese in all the most important trade fairs (Milan, Cologne, Anheim), in order to raise awareness her jewels.
Paolo Guerciotti with one of its jewels

Dad and son
In 1976 Guerciotti bikes start technical cooperation with the GBC cyclocross team, directed by Dino Zandegù, Paolo Guerciotti rider with the same team, while in 1977 he founded the homonymous Paolo Guerciotti sports group cyclocross: GS Guerciotti. This team, in later years, will become the reference point of the cyclo-cross in Italy and in the world, and was termed "the corporation of the mud" and "Mapei" of the Cyclo-Cross, an astounding 10 world championships. These successes were important also to win as many commercial successes. In fact, the brand Guerciotti became the undisputed leader in the sale of bicycles for the sport, winning almost a monopoly for the Belgian market, thanks to the success of two of the cyclo-cross strongest of all time: Roland Liboton and Vito Ditano.

GS Guerciotti, Liboton and Ditano, Guerciotti Falcon

Guerciotti is now a brand known around the world and all cycling enthusiasts want to be out on a Guerciotti.
Giovanni Trapattoni


Twenty years of activity
In 1983 Paul founded the Guerciotti Guerciotti Export Ltd which will see the birth of two branches: the racing department and the well-established business. In those years, Paolo Guerciotti understands that the market is evolving and to be competitive you have to offer to its distributors and dealers a 360 ° service.With this choice expand the boundaries trade, exporting also throughout South America. In 1984, celebrating twenty years of activity, inaugurating the new headquarters in Via Pasteur.
In Cyclocross is Daniele Pontoni that brings up the star conquering the Guerciotti scenes of this discipline and giving in to the brand Guerciotti the tenth world championship cyclo-cross
Daniel Pontoons
The new millennium looks out for the Milan-based company with the festival for 35 years and with the opening of new offices in Via Petrocchi's flagship Paolo Guerciotti.
35 years

Vera Carrara
The 2000s start with a plan by the company for a return to the racing department and professional level. This gives rise to collaborations with various junior teams, amateur women that lead to successes that help to make visible the brand Guerciotti. In those years pedaling riding Guerciotti in the junior category riders like Mauro Santambrogio, Jacopo Guarnieri, Adriano Malori and athletes already established themselves as Vera Carrara, Olga and Valentina Slyoussareva Polkhanova.


It 's so that in 2004 Guerciotti part of the professionalism with the LPR Omar Piscina, a young team that in three years he still managed to give major sporting success as a company in Milan Coppa Bernocchi (Danilo Napolitano in 2005), a stage at Tour of Switzerland (Daniel Contrini) and participation in historic races like Milan San Remo and Paris Roubaix. In those years running with their Guerciotti bike riders who have made the history of cycling as Pavel Tonkov and Dmitry Konyshev.

Daniele Contrini, Dmitry Konyshev and Pavel Tonkov 

The return to the professional circuit immediately leads to business results that push Paolo Guerciotti and his son Alessandro (officially joined the company in 2000) to continue investing in professional field to point to increase sales. Thus was born the association with Gianni Savio in 2007. Since that time, the window is won, thanks to the team and the champions who are riding in the saddle of Guerciotti, leads to an exponential increase in bicycle sales, leading to the conquest of new markets including South Africa, and Asia (Japan, Malesya , South Korea, Taiwan) and return to the U.S. market. 
Gilberto Simoni in 2008 to bring the company in Milan in the Tour of Italy, also coming back to win a stage with Alessandro Bertolini.

Gilberto Simoni and Alessandro Bertolini 

In the 2009-2010 period are achieved historical results, winning the Trofeo Laigueglia for two years in a row with Francesco Ginanni, the Tirreno-Adriatico in 2009 with Michele Scarponi (and lost in 2010 with the same time). 

Leonardo Bertagnolli and Michele Scarponi

Guerciotti at the Giro bikes are absolute protagonists, winning three stages in the Tour of the centenary (one with Leonardo Bertagnolli and two with Michele Scarponi) and close to the podium in 2010 with Michele Scarponi (joint 4 ° to 12 "and winner of the queen stage of 'Aprica). In recent years, the Guerciotti racing department is top notch in terms of design, design and technology, which, thanks to the experience obtained from large samples, brings to market innovative products, appreciated and demanded in the market. 
Guerciotti is looks well in the second decade of the new millennium with the aim of obtaining important sporting and commercial success and to meet the needs and demands of all lovers of the star Guerciotti.

The victory of Michele Scarponi Aprica



In 2011 Guerciotti is presented for the first time in its history not only as a sponsor but as the second name of a professional team and led to the team Miche Guerciotti. In that year, Davide Rebellin to achieve important victories including the Three Valleys Varesine and the Trofeo Melinda, almost reaching the victory in Europe 'Tour