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Road Cycling Guides

A selection of guides geared towards all aspects of road cycling, whether you’re new to the sport, commuting on a road bike or an experienced racer our guides section has something for you.  

What to wear when Road Cycling

What to wear in the Spring - Be prepared for spring cycling and undertsand what clothing you need for when the weather is at it's most changeable.

What to wear in the Summer - Summer time is most cyclists favourite time of year to ride their bikes. We've put together this handy guide to the best summer cycling clothing and accessories.

What to Wear in the Autumn - Autumn is the perfect season to get a few rides in on your summer bike before the winter weather comes along. Here's what you need to have to be prepeared for whatever is thrown at you.

What to wear in the Winter - What ever the weather is like this Winter, we've got you covered. From head to toe.


How to...

How to Avoid and Cope With Saddle Sores - Saddle Sores are a common complaint and it can attack anyone that rides a bike regularly and in some cases they are inevitable as frequency on the bike increases and the mercury rises. James explains how best to avoid them.

How to ride with a Power Meter - Have you got the Power? Sponsored rider James Vickers’ guide to training with power (meters)

How to Prepare Your Bike for Winter - You know the old cliché "prevention is better than cure"; well it's only a cliché because it's true. When it comes to looking after your bikes during the winter there's a number of things that you can do to make their life longer and your life easier. 

How to Make Your Bike Feel Like New - Riding your bike regularly is a lot of fun but one of the down sides is that after a while it’s highly likely your bike will start to look and feel a little tired. Here's how to refresh your bike without neeidng to buy a new one.

Upgrades and Product Advice

A Guide to Road Cycling Shoes
Training Indoors - Rollers Vs Turbos
Bottom Brackets Explained
Upgrading Your Wheels - What to Choose
What to Take on Your Cycling Holiday
Why You Should Give Disc Brakes a Chance
Pedals Explained
Why Choose Campagnolo?
Why Choose SRAM?

Road Racing or Sportives, which is for you? - So you're thinking about taking part in your cycling event this season and you can't make up your mind whether you're going to take part in a Sportive (with your mates) or tackle a Road Race (against the enemy).  Let us help you choose which is right for you.

It's time to get Sportive - Our guide and introduction to sportives -   The Cyclosportive season is here once again and frankly, there's no better way of seeing what cycling has to offer than taking part in one of these fun-filled, non-competitive events.

An Introduction to Road Racing -  Get a pushbike, join a club, train hard, become World Champion. That's the dream for any aspiring cycle competitor, of course before you can get to the podium there are a few steps you need to consider first.

Cycling Tips

Nutrition Advice From Our Sponsored Athletes

A Brief Guide to Winter Training



Road Cycling Technology Guides

Campagnolo EKAR

Campagnolo Chorus


SRAM Rival 11 & Rival 1

SRAM Force 11 & Force 1

Shimano Ultegra 6800

Shimano 105

Shimano Tiagra 4700

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