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Shimano 105

Shimano 105

Shimano 105 has always occupied the low step in their top-tier road groupsets, but these days it's much better to think about 105 as being third place on the podium rather than the bottom rung of the ladder. Over the years, 105 has become the go-to groupset for experienced and novice road cyclists looking for the very best value for money in Shimano's lineup and that's why it's their best selling groupset globally.

Shimano 105 has seen huge upgrades this season as it has benefitted from feature and technology trickle-down from both Ultegra and Dura Ace. Now an 11-speed groupset 105 comes with a huge range of cassette and chainset options that enable you to build every possible gearing combination from narrow range set-ups biased towards climbing and touring to the wide range gear ratios demanded by competitive cyclists who race on the flat and in the hills. 105 is supremely versatile at a price that was unimaginable just a few years ago.


Now shaped with the same lightweight four arm design as Dura Ace the new 105 chainset is available in a number of different chainring options, compact 50-34t, mid-compact 52-36t and standard 53-39t. All three different ring sets use the same BCD so they all fit all of the new 105 crank arms without modification. This trickle down from Dura Ace is a welcome addition to the 105 feature set along with the increased stiffness and reduced weight.


To match the three chainset options 105's 11-speed cassette now comes in 3 ratios, 11-25t, 11-28t and 11-32t. With 11 gears to choose from each jump between gears is smaller than with 10-speed set-ups helping you to improve your pedaling cadence and rhythm. Whether you intend on racing, riding sportives, engaging in a bit of Audax or simply getting out for long weekend rides on your own there's a perfect gear ratio in 105.

CN-HG600-11 CHAIN:

Shimano's new 11-speed chain features their proprietary low friction, Sil-Tec surface treatment. Designed to reduce friction and maximise service intervals this PFTE surface coating delivers the goods. First introduced in Dura Ace two seasons ago Sil-Tec is proven technology that powers the Pro Peloton.


Carbon composite SPD-SL pedals with a stainless platform support plate. Lighter than previous metal bodied versions and with no less impressive durability the new 105 SL pedals appear to give very little away to the more expensive Ultegra model. At only 235g each, these are a series step up for 105 11-speed.


Shimano's STI levers are familiar to almost anyone who rides a bike. Shimano invented the integrated shifter and their class leading ergonomics take some beating. Lever reach adjustment is now standard on 105 as well as the use of polymer coated low friction cables which offer slicker, quicker shifting with less effort. A new internal mechanism with improved cams and ratchets is trickled down from the Ultegra lever design along with a more compact main body and lever design.


Redesigned to trim weight and now with a longer link arm and spring assembly, the 105 front mech offers a lighter touch at the bar and more positive shifts between rings. A low friction polymer insert, bonded to the inside face fo the cage helps to quieten chain noise, reduce friction and enhances drivetrain life.


Available in two cage length options, SS (short) and GS (long), to accommodate the 32t cassette option, Shimano's new 105 rear mech gets a new spring assembly and revised cable/throw pitch ratio that matches up to the shorter throw in the revised STI shifters. It's a more solid rear mech than previous generations and it completes 105's incredible drivetrain.


With all the upgrades to the drivetrain to help you pedal faster, you'll be glad of the improvements that Shimano has squeezed into the new 105 brake calipers. To facilitate wider tyres, up to 28mm, they have increased the height of the brake arch and achieved a claimed 10% increase in power at the same time. The new symmetrical dual pivot caliper offers more power, weighs less and provides improved lever feel (modulation) at the same time.

All told Shimano's new 105 groupset sheds nearly 100g in weight compared to the outgoing 10-speed group and achieves this while providing you with smoother, faster shifting, better braking and more gear ratio options than ever before. If you're getting back into cycling after a break, entirely new to the sport, or even just looking for the best price performance for your money there's an awful lot to like in the new Shimano 105 5800 11-speed road groupset. You'll find a whole new range of 105 equipped bikes available from Planet X on our website. They offer unbeatable value for money and performance for every cyclist and for every type of riding. 

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