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Sportive or Road Racing

Road Racing or Sportives, which is for you?

So you're thinking about taking part in your cycling event this season and you can't make up your mind whether you're going to take part in a Sportive (with your mates) or tackle a Road Race (against the enemy). Both events can be equally compelling; a Sportive event holds the promise of riding on a classic open road route, in a beautiful location, benefiting from organised food stops and technical support and being able to with hundreds of like-minded cyclists. It's not a race, but there's always going to be a faster group who can't help pushing on a little if you fancy a testing day out.

Road Racing, on the other hand, will put you directly in the crucible of competition where you'll be pitted against serious cyclists who have turned up for the podium and the winner's medal. Team orders might well lead results but you're in it to win it and you'll be pushing on until you reach your breaking point, or shatter everybody else's.

If you can't decide which is for you, read our Sportive and Road Racing guides to help make up your mind.

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