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What to Take on Your Cycling Holiday

Everyone knows that Yorkshire is the best place in the world to go cycling that's why the Tour de France came here last year. We are aware however that some people who might not live in Yorkshire choose to go abroad with their bikes during the colder months of the year. Ok we can understand and forgive that, Mallorca does have us beaten for warm winter sun and beautiful road ascents on pristine tarmac- and you can go and ogle at the pro-teams as they whizz past you every day. We're also aware that some people choose to go abroad with their mountain bikes during the summer, apparently places like Whistler and the Alps are quite popular because they have groomed trails and real mountains - who knew?


So if you are planning a trip away this year to warmer climes or locations with more challenging terrain or simply giving in to your wanderlust and the desire to ride those classic routes that you see on Sky Sports during the race season we understand, we even forgive you and we've got all the gear you need to make even the shortest weekend away into a cycling epic, the tales of which you'll be able to dine out upon for the remainder of the season.


Just because you're travelling somewhere hot don't assume that the temperatures will be up in the 80's from first thing in the morning. Unless you're heading for the equator it's still going to be cold in the early morning and late evening so consider you cycling wardrobe accordingly. Arm warmers and knee warmers really come into their own in these types of condition and of course they pack away small enough to carry with you on the bike once they've served their useful purpose each morning. If your backside is hanging out the back of your shorts then it might be time to treat yourself to a new set, you're certainly going to need to take at least two pairs away with you to make sure you have a fresh pair each day.


Wherever you go sunglasses are going to be a necessity, whether just keeping the bugs out of your eyes with a clear or yellow lens or protecting your sight from the worst ravages of midday sun with a high reflectivity lens. Don't forget to pack them in a hard carry case; nothing kills expensive sunglasses like an over-packed suitcase. To keep the sun off your head we have a huge range of pro-team branded cycling caps, they offer a touch of classic cycling style and practical sun protection all rolled into one. While you're thinking about your head take a look at that old helmet of yours, has it taken a few knocks over the years? Maybe it's due for replacement.


You're going to be spending long days in the saddle so it makes sense to take along some protection. We're big fans of a generous dab of chamois cream to help keep things running smooth down below. Likewise a splash of sun tan cream can help you roast to an even golden brown without putting yourself at risk from the harmful effects of U.V. While you're thinking of these, grab some bits and bobs from your local chemist to put together a mini first aid kit. Elastoplast strips, sterile dressings, spray Iodine and self-adhesive sutures (steri-strips) should cover you for all but the worst eventuality. We'd probably add a little tube of superglue into that pack as well, it's great for repairing skin flaps, split nails and of course filling in the little tears you're bound to get in your tyres from a full week of serious riding.


If you are as serious about what you eat when you cycle as we are, chances are you'll already be considering taking a bucket of your favourite sports drink with you. We're big fans of the High-5 Race Faster packs they contain a huge selection of bars, tablets, sachets and powders for much less money than you can buy them for separately- there's even a bottle in there! Don't forget if you're going somewhere hot you'll be sweating that much more so pack a couple of tubes of High-5 Zero tablets to help keep you hydrated. If you're replacing those mouldy old bottles you've been using all season with spanking new High-5 ones you'll be getting the tablets for free with your bottles.

With all that to remember sometimes its easy to over look the simplest of cycling necescities. Make sure to pack your cycling shoes and helemt, along with a number of spare inner tubes, a mini pump, mini tool and a strong set of tyre levers. This way you'll be able to enjoy your long days riding with out the fear of being stranded in a hot unfamiliure place.

Finally don't forget your passport!

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