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What to wear for Autumn riding

Autumn is the perfect season to get a few rides in on your summer bike before the winter weather comes along. But with autumn comes shorter evenings and unpredictable weather having the right kit to in preparation for changeable conditions will go a long way to make riding your bike in autumn a pleasurable experience. To help you get ready for this we’ve put together a helpful guide to what to wear this autumn.


Riding in autumn is all about making sure you’re prepared for changes in the weather without being over dressed and bogged down by excess layers of bulky kit. Autumn air often feels cooler than during the summer months, especially in the mornings and evenings, along with wind chill factor that even on a sunny day can leave you feeling much colder than you’d expect. If you only have time to ride early in the morning or late in the evening you might find yout self reaching for a long sleeve jersey and your bib tights, but as temperatures rise during the day you’ll only end up over heating. A better solution is to invest in a decent pair of arm and knee warmers will allow you to keep warm until the temperature picks up. Arm warmers and knee warmers can be easily removed during your ride and packs down very small, allowing you to more easily regulate your temperature during a ride.



Planet X 365 Knee Warmers


Planet X 365 Arm Warmers



Another essential item of clothing for your autumn wardrobe is a lightweight gilet. A gilet is perfect for protecting your upper body from cool winds whilst riding on the flat or fast descents. If you find the temperature picks up or you generally get too warm a gilet will pack down and stow away in your pocket unlike thicker jerseys and jackets. Most lightweight gilets are not only windproof but also shower proof and will therefore give you added protection from light showers, should the weather take a nasty turn. If the weather looks really miserable then a packable rain jacket will also come in handy. Much like a gilet, a rain jackets also help to keep you warm and protected against the wind as well as keeping the rain off. A rain jacket will pack down small enough to keep in your pocket and some have the option to be strapped to your bike.

Team Cystic Fibrosis Gilet


Planet X Aqualight Packable Rain Jacket 

As your hands often move the least while you’re riding your bike, when the temperature drops having a thin pair of gloves is essential to protect your hands from the chill factor and enable you to change gear and reach your brakes freely. During autumn having a pair of gloves that is not too insulated is also important so you don’t over heat whilst on the bike. Similarly even though your feet turn with the pedals it’s your legs doing all the work and as the temperature drops so can the feeling in your toes. A thicker pair of socks or a lightweight pair of over shoes is a good solution to painful numb toes.


Planet X 365 Race Glove

Now you have your kit sorted that leaves only one thing left to do and that get out there and enjoy riding your bike.

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