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Why Choose Campagnolo?

When faced with choosing your new bike, which one to get is not always as simple as picking the colour you prefer the most? Selecting a bike fitted with the right components for you is one of the most important things to decide before parting with your cash. But with the choice of SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo deciding can be tricky.



From the invention of the quick release wheel to the creation of the modern rear derailleur system we use on most bikes today, Campagnolo have always been at the forefront of cycling techonology. When you buy a Campagnolo equipped bike you are buying into a piece of this cycling history and for many this is what makes a Campagnolo equipped bike so special. The history of this innovation has continued as part of the company's ethos and their most recent groupsets are some of the most technologically advanced and lightest weight on the market. There are a number of benefits to a investing in a Campagnolo equipped bike, check out some of the best features below;



Tone of the defining features of a Campagnolo groupset the Ultra-Shift system allows you to move the chain simultaneously up 3 sprockets and then down 5. Furthermore, the lever design allows for an ever lighter shifting, whilst maintaining the classic "click" sound featured on all Campagnolo controls. Being able to change so many sprockets in one go allows you to sprint out of corners or over the top of a climb much quicker than your rivals, without chain slip of a crunching of gears. Ultra Shift levers have also been designed to provide better reach, allowing for more effective breaking when riding with your hands on top of the hoods.


Heralded as the ultimate in low weight, high stiffness, power efficiency the Ultra Torque system is one of Campagnolo’s greatest innovations in recent years. In simple terms Ultra Torque is the conjoining of the crank arm axels and the bottom bracket. This redesign makes it possible to considerably reduce the lateral dimensions of the axle, which gives a better ankle to knee alignment for better pedalling efficiency.

Micro Precision Shifting (M.P.S.)

Campagnolo’s M.P.S. system allows uses precisely machined chain rings to provide a better chain line and smooth shifting between the front chain rings. Even when under load, making emergency gear changes when the road rises up unexpectedly, M.P.S. provides incredibly reliable shifting.



The shape of Campagnolo’s shifters are one of the brands most defining features. The lever hood have been designed to reproduce exactly the asymmetry of the human hand. In doing this Campagnolo have created a system that increases the shifters contact with the palm and allowing for various comfortable riding positions. The shape allows you to easily reach the levers, regardless of your riding position and the size of your hands. Campagnolo used studies conducted on the position of cyclists' hands, which showed three different steering positions depending on the road being ridden and the steering style of the rider, to refine this feature of their hood shape. In addition a special insert for large hands is also available, which increases the distance of the levers by 8%, creating sufficient space for braking and shifting.


 And if you needed any more convincing then this video highlighting the company history should be enough!

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