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N2A Safety Advisory Notice

As part of our absolute commitment to the safety and well-being of our customers, Planet X are undertaking a replacement of rear derailleur (mech) hangers on all Planet X N2A frames and bikes. The N2A has passed all EN test standards, however it has come to our attention that under specific combinations of certain rear wheels and skewers, it may be possible for the rear wheel to slip in the dropout causing the rear wheel to touch the chainstay on the non-drive side. If this happens, the rider may experience a sudden restriction in forward motion and the bicycle may become unstable.  Should this occur there is the potential that the rider may fall off and/or damage could be caused to the frame.

As a result of our investigations, we have designed and tested a new derailleur (mech) hanger that we strongly recommend is fitted to your bike.  If you own a Planet X N2A please request a replacement rear derailleur (mech) hanger by completing the form on the link below.  Further information and fitting instructions can been found in ‘Frequently Asked Questions’


Alternatively, you can contact us live our live chat option on the left hand side of the screen

Or you can write to us at:

Planet X Ltd.

FAO – N2A Mech Hanger Advisory

Unit 3, Ignite Business Park, Magna Way


S60 1FD


To read the full advisory please CLICK HERE

We have created a short video and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.


Tools required: Allen keys to suit Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo rear mechs.

    • Secure your bike in a work stand or flip it upside down.
    • Adjust the gears to put the chain in smallest chainring and the smallest rear cog. This
    • makes removal and refitting the rear mech easier due to reduced chain tension.
    • Using an Allen key loosen the rear mech pivot bolt and drop rear mech from frame.
    • Undo the rear wheel QR skewer.
    • Open the rear brake calliper
    • Remove the rear wheel


NB: For Campagnolo rear mechs you may need to remove the wheel prior to loosening the rear mech pivot bolt as some models fasten from the inside of the frame.

      • Undo the rear mech hanger using an Allen key. Some N2A frames will use 2.5mm bolts and some use 3mm bolts depending on the age of the frame.
      • Fit the replacement rear mech hanger. These mount from the outside of the frame and bolt through from the inside of the frame.
      • Tighten the two small mounting bolts using no more than firm finger pressure. Once the bolts have bottomed out and you can see a little flex in your Allen key shaft that's tight enough.
      • Refit the rear mech to the new hanger. Check to ensure you have the 'B-adjust screw' fittings rotated behind the back of the mech hanger before attempting to screw the part all the way in.


NB: Rear mech hangers are designed to break off in the event of a crash and in doing so save your frame from serious damage. Do not over tighten the rear mech pivot bolt; doing so could potentially bend your new rear mech hanger.

        • Remove the QR spring from the drive side of your rear wheel quick release before refitting your rear wheel.
        • Refit your rear wheel, taking care to ensure that the QR skewer is done up correctly.
        • Re-adjust your rear brake calliper.
        • Run your chain through all the cogs on the rear cassette and adjust your Hi/Lo limit screws as required then fine tune your gear indexing.


NB: Pay particular attention to ensuring that the chain cannot run off the top of your cassette and into your spokes, or off the bottom of the cassette and become fouled between frame and freehub.

Go for a short ride to check that the rear mech hanger mounting bolts and the rear mech pivot bolt are still securely tightened. Adjust as required.

If you have any questions about this procedure please  call our Customer Services Team on 01709 38 66 66 who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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