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On-One Tow Floats are every open water swimmers best friend. Lightweight, inflatable, buoyant, easy to swim with, highly visible even in choppy water and able to carry your essential items as you swim. Fill it full of air, stick your kit inside and go swim.

  • 28L capacity
  • Double bladder classic tow float.
  • Minimal drag.
  • Good capacity.
  • Bright orange with unique reflective decal Full Description
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Pink / 28 Litre
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This classic tow float is the ideal swim bouy for any open water athlete. Double chamber design guards against air leakage. Bright orange with a unique reflective logo, this will help people on the water or on shore spot you at a distance. Low drag so it doesn't interupt your stroke. Good storage capacity for clothing or valuables. We recommened using an additional small dry bag inside for anything that could be damaged in the event of water seepage.
Constructed from durable Nylon with PVC coating.

Instructions for use:

  • Make sure bag is fully deflated before use
  • Fill bag with your desired kit
  • roll the top down until you reach the fold line
  • Clip the two ends of the top-roll together to seal the bag
  • Inflate each side of the bag with the mouthpiece. (outer valve to inflate, inner part to deflate)
  • Attach leash by threading through the two D-rings on top of the bag
  • Strap bag to waist and go swim

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    We bought one of these to use when open water swim training. It's perfect for loch, lake, sea or reservoir swimming where water-sports users are also on the water, or there are any safety concerns, with far more visibility and bonus of secure storage for essential valuables (in a dry pouch). The float was surprisingly un-noticeable to the swimmer towing it. The quality of this item is good. It's a real bargain and highly recommenced of swimming in un-lifeguarded sea or open water

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