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Would you prefer to ride a hire bike that has been thrashed to within an inch of its life, or take your own bike on holiday with you? Queue up outside the bike hire shop waiting to collect whatever they've got left in stock each day or would you rather be out on the road enjoying your own pride and joy? If so then you need a Planet X Bike Box.

  • Designed to protect, Road, TT, CX and MTBs
  • Anti crush composite shell
  • Lightweight and compact
  • UK designed and built Full Description
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Please note these bike boxes are only built once ordered in approximately 10-15 days.

Let's be honest, no one loves your bike as much as you do, and no one hates baggage as much as baggage handlers. They just don't care. So when you travel abroad do the sensible thing and pack your bike in a box that has been specifically designed to protect your bike from the inevitable lumps and bumps that come with international travel. No one likes riding ratty hire bikes, especially when you'll be risking life and limb on rapid descents, far better to take your own bike with you.

The Planet X bike box has been designed in the UK, with all the critical components being produced locally under the watchful eye of our design team. The composite half shells come from Yorkshire and all the straps and tie downs were made right here in Sheffield. We've worked hard on the design to ensure maximum versatility, the PX Bike Box is designed to fit most road, track and mountain bikes and still leave plenty of space for your bike kit.

Two 3D formed and CNC precision finished composite shells come together to form the main part of the box. We join them with a full-length stainless steel piano hinge, reinforced by two alloy plates for maximum strength and minimum weight- we're protecting your bike and your baggage allowance. Each side of the box has wide velcro frame and wheel straps, so you can secure your pride and joy knowing it's not going to rattle loose in transit. And if you want to accomodate a funny shaped frame it's no hassle to add some new M5 holes to relocate the straps.

Five locking latches hold the PX Bike Box firmly shut. Each one is reinforced with an alloy backing plate, making the Bike Box safer and stronger. We've included pass-throughs for security cables at each end of the box, if you want to go all out for security you can use cable ties, steel cable or even a couple of bike locks to make your Bike Box tamper proof.

Designed to be as compact as possible, with a low centre of gravity and incredibly easy to handle the Planet X Bike Box rolls quietly on 60mm Soft rubber wheels. Measuring just 95cm x 110cm and weighing 14KG the Planet X Bike Box is ready to travel, offering you maximum protection for your favourite bike.

Planet X Bike Box, protecting your bike and your baggage allowance when you travel.

Please note this box does not use internal foam padding.

Click to download the Planet X Bike Box User Manual

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