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The Pro Cleaning Bundle features Jobsworth's NEW range of high performance bike-specific cleaning products. Get your bike looking fresh, clean and spinning smoothly ready for your next ride.

  • Clean your entire bike from top to bottom with the 6 piece bike frame and drivetrain brush set
  • Fast-acting Chain Cleaner cuts through dirt and grime
  • Powerful Disc Brake Cleaner to restore your braking performance
  • Jobsworth's High Performance bike cleaner to lift the even the most stubborn dirt and grime
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Jobsworth Pro Cleaning Bundle
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The Jobsworth Pro Cleaning Bundle Includes

  • Jobsworth 6 Piece Bike Cleaning Brush Set
  • Jobsworth Chain Cleaner and Degreaser Aerosol - 500ml
  • Jobsworth Disc Brake Cleaner Aerosol - 500ml
  • Jobsworth High Performance Bike Cleaner - 1Ltr
Jobsworth's 6 Piece Bike Cleaning Brush Set has all the brushes and cleaning tools you need to get into all those hard to reach areas, and works perfectly with all of Jobsworth Cleaning range.

Jobsworth's High Performance Chain Cleanerrapidly removes dirt and grime build up on your chain and drivetrain components. The fast-acting solution gets to work quickly, leaving your drivetrain functioning smoother and helping your components to last longer.

Jobsworth's Disc Brake Cleaner's fast-drying formula is extremely effective and safe for use on all metal surfaces. Perfect for restoring your braking performance and ensuring safer, quieter and more efficient stopping power.

Jobsworth's High Performance Bike Cleaner has been specifically formulated to cut through and lift the most stubborn dirt and grime from your bike and its components. Featuring innovative anti-residue technology, Jobsworth Bike Cleaner will help improve the performance of your components and leave your bike looking great.

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