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Jobsworth Chain Whip And Cassette Lockring Tool Bundle Jobsworth Chain Whip And Cassette Lockring Tool Bundle

Chain whips are designed for removing cassettes from rear wheels along with a lockring tool. This high-quality, durable model from Jobsworth is a worthy addition to any toolkit.

The Jobsworth Lockring tool is a a fundamental part for bike building and maintenance. For use with Shimano/SRAM cassettes, this tool is required for removing and installing cassettes on the rear wheel. Must be used with a chain whip.

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The Jobsworth Chain Whip and Cassette Lockring Tool Bundle is essential for bikke building and maintenance

The Heavy Duty Chain Whip is a cruical tool for removing cassettes from wheels, made from heavy duty steel for a lifetime of abuse.

The Cassette Lockring Tool is vital for removal tool of all Shimano cassettes and all SRAM 8,9,10 speed cassettes. Get the luxury rubber coated handle version for less than other brand's tools.

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