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Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator And Chain Tool Bundle Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator And Chain Tool Bundle

The Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator determines if your chain needs to be replaced before any nasty mechanical issues take place. All chains stretch over time, leading to poor shifting, losses in drivetrain efficiency and the increased possibility more serious mechanical issues such as chain snaps. When the chain wear is between 0.75% and 1.0%, you need to replace your chain. If the 0.75% side of the tool fits inside one link of your chain, you need to replace it soon. If the 1.0% side fits in, replace your chain straight away.

A classic chain tool for helping to fix and splice chains, remove excess links and generally fettle your chain into whatever shape you require.

  • 11-speed compatible
  • Replaceable pins
  • Peening head for greater security
  • Tighten loose links and loosen stiff links

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Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator And Chain Tool Bundle, find out exactly when to fix your chain with the Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator. Most of us use Powerlinks to splice our chains together but when you need to remove or add links there's simply no substitute for a good chain tool. Compatible with 11-speed and lower drivetrains the Jobsworth Chan Tool is all that you need. Full Description



Jobsworth Chain Wear Indicator / Silver
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