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n competition every little detail counts; that's why steel and titanium were used when producing Record sprockets.

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The perfect teeth design results in a perfect synchronization between shifting and chain movement. The six larger sprockets are divided in triplets, which are mounted on special frames to increase rigidity. The teeth of the Record sprocket set have an Ultra Drive design that integrates the chain and chainwheels of the crankset. This ensures long term fast, precise and consistent shifting. The four largest sprockets are made from Titanium.

  • Ultra Drive
  • Nickel-chromed finish for steel sprockets
  • 4 Titanium sprockets
  • Light alloy carrier
  • 11 tooth cassettes all Supplied with lockrings. 12 and 13 tooth cassettes not supplied with a lockring.
  • 188g

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Product Code:CACAREC10

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