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The El Viajero is our capable cross-country bike. Offering more relaxed geometry than most short travel hardtails, itll cover ground fast while also staying composed on rockier terrain. If your preferred ride entails fast cross- country loops or all-day epics, then the El Viajero will suit the bill perfectly.

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In stock £799.99

Providing a light yet supple frame with more aggressive geometry than most cross country bikes. The El Viajero is designed for swifter speeds on smooth trails with the versatility of being able to handle rougher sections when required. Utilising a titanium frame with lifetime warranty, you can be sure your frame will have you covered for many miles too.

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Product Code:FRTIELVTI

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Sizing Guide

Rider HeightSuggested Frame Size
5′2″ to 5′5″ (157cm-167cm)XSM/367mm
5′4″ to 5′7″ (162cm-170cm)SML/400mm
5′6″ to 5′10″ (168cm-178cm)MED/430mm
5′9″ to 6′2″ (175cm- 188cm) LRG/470mm
6′1″ to 6′6″ (185cm- 198cm) XL/520mm

Sizing Notes

All frame size recommendations are approximate. A good fit will also depend on the correct choice of stem length, correct bike set-up for the rider and riding style.

Correct frame size choice can vary greatly with riders' torso length. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, go for a slightly shorter stem. If you think you are borderline between sizes, and you have longer legs and a shorter torso, go for the smaller frame size. If you have shorter legs and a longer torso, go for the larger frame size to get the extra top tube length.

As the frame sizes increase, so does the length of the head tube. If you are inflexible or perhaps have a history of back problems, consider going for a larger frame size. This will increase the relative height of the handlebars making the position less “extreme”. The larger frame will also have a longer top tube, so you’ll need to compensate for this with a shorter stem.


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