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Our premium adventure bike, the Silk Road offers all-day comfort when youre travelling self-supported. Using a titanium frame with lifetime warranty, it offers a perfect combination of comfort and lightness for all surfaces. Not holding you back when things get rough, big tyres and capable geometry instill confidence when youre out in the sticks. If youre looking for a bike that exists to explore, this is it.

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In stock £499.99
In stock £499.99
In stock £499.99
In stock £499.99

With a variety of different locations to fit luggage and a compliant frame, the Silk Road will be your perfect companion for multi-day bikepacking adventures. Aimed at going off the grid, its design features MTB-like geometry and room for 2.35 tyres to provide control and comfort outside of its expected limits. A sleek and simplistic titanium frame enables easy maintenance and offers clean, timeless looks. If you seek a proper adventure, youre going to need a dependable bike that you can haul all your necessities with, and the Silk Road is just that.

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Sizing Guide

Rider HeightSuggested Frame Size
5′3″ to 5′7″ (160cm-170cm)SML/394mm
5′6″ to 5′10″ (168cm-178cm)MED/432mm
5′9″ to 6′2″ (175cm- 188cm) LRG/470mm
6′1″ to 6′4″ (185cm- 193cm) XL/508mm

Sizing Notes

All frame size recommendations are approximate. A good fit will also depend on the correct choice of stem length, correct bike set-up for the rider and riding style.

Correct frame size choice can vary greatly with riders' torso length. If you have longer legs and a shorter torso, go for a slightly shorter stem. If you think you are borderline between sizes, and you have longer legs and a shorter torso, go for the smaller frame size. If you have shorter legs and a longer torso, go for the larger frame size to get the extra top tube length.

As the frame sizes increase, so does the length of the head tube. If you are inflexible or perhaps have a history of back problems, consider going for a larger frame size. This will increase the relative height of the handlebars making the position less “extreme”. The larger frame will also have a longer top tube, so you’ll need to compensate for this with a shorter stem.


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