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Shimano braze on front mechs are designed to benefit from additional support that comes from the rotation alignment screw used to set chainring/mech alignment on some frames.

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Shimano Front Mech Support Plates
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These little pads are to protect the frame and provide an additional point of support/contact for aligning the front mech on some frames. They're adhesive pads to protect the frame against the rotation angle screw if you have a braze on front mech.

If you use a band on front mech they aren't required as you can just rotate the mech to get the position right in relation to the chainrings, if however you're using a braze on front mech there's a rotation angle screw that sets the angle of the mech to the chainrings by pushing against the frame and you stick these little pads to the frame to stop it getting damaged by the screw.

Parts highlighted in red are the supplied parts, one flat and one curved plate.

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