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A essential part for most bikes equipped with a carbon fibre fork steerer tube. This fork bung is generally suitable for for most road forks. Full Description

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An absolute essential for any bike with a carbon steerer tube. A carbon Fork Bung is a 1 1/8 inch expander plug that tightens into the top of the steerer tube to give the headset top cap something to pull on when compressing the headset.

  • Safe and reliable grip
  • Use this instead of a star fangled nut on all 1 1/8 inch carbon forks
  • Compatible with all our Road, T/T, Track and Cyclocross forks
  • OD:23mm for 1-1/8" steerer/ ID:23~24mm.(compatible)

    6.5mm slotted gape for wire & cable

    L: 50mm

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Product Code:FSSEFBUMK4


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