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The classic, and still the best full coverage 26" mudguard. Complete set for front and rear with traditional and unmistakable decorative stripes.

"Tough, high-quality and offer great protection. Great quality and well thought out 9/10" "the catchily named SKS Chromoplastics Mudguard Set 65mm 28 performed faultlessly, significantly reducing the amount of muck and road spatter that would otherwise end up on both you and your bike."-

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55mm / Silver
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65mm / Silver
Lots In stock £7.99 Was £44.99 82% off

SKS have repeatedly proven themselves as a solid manufacturer for long lasting and effective mudguards, and the Chromoplastic is no different. Offering full coverage to protect you from the worst conditions imaginable, these guards are easy to setup and are virtually unbreakable thanks to a plastic and metal construction, meaning theyll stay rigid when youre putting the power down while also being flexible enough to avoid breaking under impact or from mud/road debris getting stuck between the tyre and the guard.

-Able to be fitted to Hybrid, Road, Gravel, Mountain and E-bikes with mudguard mountings and sufficient clearance. -Front mudguards features secu-clip, which serve as a secure mounting under normal use but will detach from the guard in the event of an object being stuck between the wheel and guard. -Strong Chromoplastic construction and durable stainless-steel stays and fixings means theyll last a lifetime. -Comes a pair of guards, plus all necessary fittings and assembly/fitting manual -Does not come with reflectors or spoilers. -Sizes: 26x55, 26x65

Guard Size Rim/Tyre Size 26 1.6-2.0 26 2.10-2.35

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Product Code:FSSKSCP26

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