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Bearing service kit for the EL Viajero Trail and Gravity Trail full-suspension mountain bikes. Allows you to replace the back end bearings on your bike to keep everything running sweet- forever.

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Titus El Viajero Bearing Kit
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We know how much fun you'll be having on your EL Viajero, and eventually all that fun needs repaying with a bit of servicing. We'd love to give you a number of hours of riding after which you'll need to replace your bearings but the truth is that depends on how hard you ride and how you clean your bike. What you can be sure of though is that this is the perfect and best bearing kit for the job. Enduro bearings are the most highly regarded service parts for mountain bikers all over the planet and the El Viajero uses 4 large SMax compliment bearings for the main pivots and 6 smaller Max (double row) bearings for the rear triangle pivots.

Enduro bearings are the most highly regarded that yuou can buy for your bike and we only specifiy their best Max Compliment models for the EL Viajero bikes. You won't find this service kit for less anywhere else.

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