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For fast road riders, a handlebar that blends the aero performance of a winged Tri-bar with the sprinting power and control of an ergonomic drop bar offers the ideal blend of comfort and performance. The Selcof Ultra Carbon Aero Road /Tri-bar delivers that holy grail, making it the ideal solution for cyclists looking for versatile aero performance.

  • Watt saving aerofoiled design
  • Integrated cable routing (Di2 compatible)
  • All-carbon construction Full Description
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31.8mm / Black / 40cm
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You can't beat the traditional drop bar handlebar design in terms of comfort and ergonomics, refined over decades there's simply no better way to connect the rider to the front of the bike. The Selcof Ultra Carbon Aero /Tri-bar offers multiple hand positions for efficient comfortable sprinting, climbing and general riding. It also adds in the benefits of ann aerofoiled upper wing, capable of smoothing our air flow the aero-bar is a proven way to saving you precious watts.

Designed for dual internally routed cable runs and ready for Di2 and eTAP electronic shifting the Selcof Ultra Aero Bar weighs suitably svelte. Constructed entirely from carbon fibre and with a tuned wall thickness to help dampen road vibrations this is the most comfortable and efficient road bar we've ridden.

Of course, a beautiful aero bar like this is nothing without a great supporting cast. The Selcof Carbon Ultra Aero bar was conceived to work as an integrated pairing with Selcof's Ultra Carbon Aero Road Stem. Sleek, light and stiff the Ultra Carbon Stem offers maximum watt saving ability.

The Selcof Carbon Ultra Aero / Tri-bar is perfect for fast road riders and Triathletes who specialise in the sprint and short course distance events. Painstakingly constructed from high-strength carbon and offering measurable watt savings for all riders the Selcof Ultra Carbon Aero Bar could be the key to improving your race results.

  • Weight: 410g
  • Drop: 124mm / Reach: 105mm
  • Drop angle: 6 degree lean
  • Tops: 5 degree down
  • Matching stem and tri-bar extnesions are sold out

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