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Stand out in the dark with Carnacs new retroreflective Croix SL LED road cycling helmet. Packed with all the features you need in a cycling helmet; protection, comfort, light weight, compact size, a super bright rear-facing LED light and Hi-vis retroreflective finish, the Croix SL LED Retroreflective Road Helmet also offers incredible visibility, helping you to stay safe in the dark.

  • Hi-power LED illumination and Ultra Hi-vis retroreflective design
  • Multi-way size and tilt adjustability
  • Efficient venting for maximum cooling effect
  • Exceeds EN1078 industry standard safety standard

Measure around your head at the widest point to determine the size you need

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Small - Medium (55cm - 59cm)
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Large - X Large (58cm - 61cm)
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Size Small/Medium : 55-59cm, Large/X-Large : 58-61cm

At Carnac we don't believe that you should put a price on protection and that's why all of our helmets are fairly priced.

Our newly introduced retroreflective helmets use the same Hi-vis technology that you can find in the latest cycle commuter jackets. They use their amazing glow-in-the-dark ability to remain highly visible in all lighting conditions, helping you to stay safer on every ride. Add in a Hi -power LED taillight with multiple flashing illumination modes and you have the safety focussed helmet weve ever seen.

Every helmet has to protect your head and help lessen the force of any impact and the Carnac Croix SE LED Road shares its advanced In-Mould construction with the rest of the Planet X helmet line-up. In-Mould construction implants all the anchor points for the straps into hidden fixings embedded within the EPS core of the helmet for maximum strength and durability. Single Shot construction co-moulds the hardened outer shell and the EPS core in a single process, fusing them together for a seamless, sleek bond. Our low friction, abrasion resistant PET hard-shell outer is designed to slip and slide in the event of a crash; helping to minimize the risk of torsion injuries.

With a 3-way adjustable occipital cradle and easily adjustable internal padding you're sure to find the perfect fit. The Carnac Croix SL LED Retroreflective Road helmet also brings serious comfort into the mix with a collection of massive, rear facing air-vents to help draw air through the body of the helmet, constantly circulating fresh air to help keep you cool.

A correctly adjusted chinstrap is an integral part of the safety provided by any cycling helmet. If your chin strap isnt correctly tensioned there is a risk that the strap may pull through the buckle. Always make sure that the chin strap is adequately cinched up every time you put your helmet on. A loose chin strap potentially reduces the effectiveness of your helmet.

If youve ever had a close call on your bike in the dark you should ride with a Carnac Croix SL LED Retroreflective road helmet.

  • Weight in Small 230g
  • Li-poly USB rechargeable battery
  • Removable LED light pack
  • In-Mould, hard-shell construction over impact absorbing foam core

Size guidance: To help choose the correct size helmet for your head measure around the widest part of your head, about an inch above your ears, with a soft tape measure, or piece of string. If you are on the cusp between sizes we advise that you size up.

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    I'm reviewing this before ordering an exact replacement after landing hard on the deck following a collision with a van parked in a cycle lane. The helmet hit the ground hard enough to crack the shell and the inner polystyrene lining but it did its job and protected me from what would have been a serious head injury to the temple, which has only minor scratches. I lost consciousness briefly and had to have a CT head scan in A&E - fortunately nothing amiss. I'd had the helmet for six months and done an average of 150 km a week. It is comfortable and a good fit (S/M, 58 cm circumference). The LED would have been useful on evening/night rides (and will be when I have the replacement) but isn't very bright in summer daylight so I soon stopped switching it on. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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