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With a full metal jacket and two CEE XM-L LED emitters the Jobsworth Bobby Dazzler is a serious light for the serious cyclist Full Description

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Complimentary Jobsworth Bobby Dazzler Front Light
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Jobsworth have created a new high-end road and off-road light that satisfies the needs of the most demanding cyclists by offering feature sets, build quality, and lumen to price ratios that leave all their rivals in the shade.

If you want the brightest lights on your bike then you need the most efficient LED emitters. Jobsworth only use genuine CREE emitters in their top flight lights. Exceptional consistency from LED to LED, and amazing efficiency mean that every last drop of battery power is converted into dazzling illumination- that's why our best lights run brighter than everyone else's.

With 2 CREE XM-L2 LEDs the Bobby Dazzler is a blindingly powerful light. Because if offers such high reliability, huge light output and massive burn times our customers tell us it's the perfect light for the busy commute and so much more

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Product Code:LIJOBBD20W

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