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An 800 lumen front light from Jobsworth, the bike light brand that all the other manufacturers don't want you to find out about. This simple click-n-go design doubles as a torch and a powerful front bike light.

  • Genuine CREE LED emitter.
  • 3100mAh Li/Ion battery packs
  • Anodized case construction
  • Internal Smart charger
  • Made in South Korea Full Description
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Jobsworth Echo Pro Torch 800 Lumen
Lots in stock £37.00

Jobsworth have created a new high-end road and off-road light that satisfies the needs of the most demanding cyclists by offering feature sets, build quality, and lumen to price ratios that leave all their rivals in the shade.

If you want the brightest lights on your bike then you need the most efficient LED emitters.Jobsworth only use genuine CREE emitters in their top flight lights. Exceptional consistency from LED to LED, and amazing efficiency mean that every last drop of battery power is converted into dazzling illumination- that's why our best lights run brighter than everyone else's.

Jobsworth's Echo pro 800 light is powered by Samsung's world beating SDI Li/ion batteries. These are recognised as having the longest life cycle of all Li/Ion battery chemistries and offer maximum energy capacities that the generic battery packs used in other brands can only dream of matching. If the other lights you are considering don't tell you whose batteries they use that's because they are using cheap generic batteries. Samsung SDI battery packs give the longest run times and have the best storage life of all of the li-ion cells we've tested.

The Echo pro light body is hewn straight out of high grade aluminium, Jobsworth control every machining and finishing process in-house. There's no lightweight construction shortcuts to be found here, the Jobsworth Echo Pro 800 lights are designed fit for purpose and thoroughly built to last.

With a CREE XML-T6 LED providing 800 lumen max output we're offfering real light power in a compact and versatile unit.

Light Output / Burn Time:

  • High 800 Lumens /1.5hr
  • Low 200 Lumens / 5hrs
    • US Cree XMl-T6 LED

Additional Information

Product Code:LIJOBEPT800

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    Fantastic light for being seen and seeing where you are going on roads. The mounting bracket is really secure, light feels very well made. I didn't realise it also had various flash modes as well, so that's a bonus! Haven't tested out the run times yet.

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