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2000 lumen Ultra Torch from Jobsworth, the bike light brand that all the other manufacturers don't want you to find out about. With incredible quality, precision manufacturing, light output and run times that put other brands in the shade this one is a true monster.

  • 2000 lumens max power
  • 7800mAh battery pack
  • Genuine CREE LED emitters.
  • High -grade Finland lens
  • Made in South Korea Full Description
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Jobsworth Ultra Torch 2000 Lumen
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Jobsworth have created a new high-end road and off-road light that satisfies the needs of the most demanding cyclists by offering feature sets, build quality, and lumen to price ratios that leave all their rivals in the shade.

If you want the brightest lights on your bike then you need the most efficient LED emitters.Jobsworth only use genuine CREE emitters in their top flight lights. Exceptional consistency from LED to LED, and amazing efficiency mean that every last drop of battery power is converted into dazzling illumination- that's why our best lights run brighter than everyone else's.

Jobsworth's Ultra 2000 light is powered by Samsung's world beating SDI Li/ion batteries. These are recognised as having the longest life cycle of all Li/Ion battery chemistries and offer maximum energy capacities that the generic battery packs used in other brands can only dream of matching. If the other lights you are considering don't tell you whose batteries they use that's because they are using cheap generic batteries. Samsung SDI battery packs give the longest run times and have the best storage life of any bike light battery pack.

The Ultra Torch 2K is hewn straight out of high grade aluminium, Jobsworth control every machining and finishing process in-house. Teflon electroplated main bodies enhance their looks and provide maximum durability. There's no lightweight construction shortcuts to be found here, the Jobsworth Ultra 2K lights are designed fit for purpose and thoroughly built to last.

As you'd expect we use top spec Finnish sourced lenses that have been designed to give the most natural light spread with a clear and well defined transition from central hotspot to edge fill. Our smart optics provide a huge flood of illumination that lights the way forward for all riding disciplines.

With seven US made Cree XPG R5 LED providing 2000 lumen max output the Ultra 2000 is a blindingly powerful light. Because if offers such high reliability, huge light output and massive burn times our customers tell us they love it for epic off-road night rides- We agree there's no better.

Light Output / Burn Time:

  • High 2000 Lumens / 2.5hr (average)
  • Medium 1000 Lumens / 4hr
  • Low 500 Lumens / 11hr
  • Charge Time (7800mA); 5hrs
  • Temp control, over voltage protection
  • Weather resistance: IPX65
  • US Cree XPG R5 x 7pc LED
  • 7800mA Samsung SDI Lithium-ion Battery
  • Anodized case construction
  • Cannot be mounted on the stem clamp section of a 35mm bar.
  • Weight; 300g inc. handlebar mount, Battery (4 cell)
  • Diameter; 48mm
  • Length;90mm
  • Additional Information

    Product Code:LIJOBULT2K

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      This bike light was a gamble but fortunately seems to have paid off. Starting with the bad, the worst thing about this lamp is the specification and product literature which are all a complete mess. In one area the description claims 4 LEDS, With 4 CREE XPG R5 LEDs then further down they list it as US Cree XPG R5 x 7pc LED it is indeed 7 LEDs. The run times are also all over the place. The specification on the site says High 2000 Lumens / 2.5hr but the paper spec sheet that comes in the box with the light claims only 1.5 hours. When testing the light, I found it ran for 3 hours and 10 minutes on highest before the indicator started to blink red. There is also no mention about the lamp being waterproof, but I assume it must be? These conflicting specifications make what is actually a well-made and bright light feel like a risky purchase. In practice I found the light on brightest to be nearly as bright as an Exposure MaXx-D bike light which costs more than three times as much. The beam pattern is nice and wide as well it is a joy to ride with this light. The handlebar mount attaches with two Allen bolts and the lamp then twists in to fit. The fit is secure, and it is quick and easy to use which makes taking the light off to charge or travel a simple operation. The light is exceptional value for money. Lots of lumens for the price. If only they could sort out the product literature so it does not contradict and confirm if the lamp is water proof or not I think they could sell a lot of these. The jobsworth brand sell other lights which also claim high lumen outputs for much less money. Looking at the claimed battery capacities and runtimes for these cheaper lights mean they could only actually output the claimed lumens they if they broke the laws of physics. Just look on the cree site for the specifications of the LEDs and the currents required for a given output and the rest is simple math. Four stars from me, might have made five if it was confirmed as waterproof and the spec sheets were sorted out.

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