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Extraordinary efficiency, peerless performance and an alluring design. The new frontier of the Selle Italia off-road universe bears the name X-LR. Specifically designed for off-road use and the outcome of relentless product research.

  • Weight: S 130g / l 140g
  • Size: S 125x264mm / L 140x268mm
  • Rail carbo keramic 7x9mm
  • Reinforced edges
  • Shock absorber
  • Double density padding
  • idmatch S3 / L3 Full Description
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    The X-LR stands out for the specific slant of its nose which slopes forward and makes for greater freedom in the saddle whilst riding. The shock absorber built into the composite-laminated carbon-fibre rail is a piece of state-of-the-art technology set to start a revolution. It does away with all vibrations coming up from the trail surface. This special technology borrows its features from the F1 world.

    Double-density padding design with a soft nose section that makes for greater ease of movement and higher comfort levels even whilst riding uphill the high-density rear provides all the stability you need whilst pedalling. Last but not least, the innovative anti-abrasion bumpers will give you peerless protection if you come off your bike.

    With a purpose-built structure featuring a downward-facing tip, it has been expertly engineered to ensure a good saddle position regardless of pedalling stance. This makes it the ultimate choice for mountain biking. It has a 4% reduction in length and width compared to a traditional saddle and this delivers exceptional ease of movement - something of the utmost importance for off road adventures. The clever combination of top-of-the-line materials means it is highly resistant to knocks, bumps and vibrations due to road impact.

    The XL-R Handmade is available in a Fill & Flow version. The shell is Nylon12 and Carbon fibre, making for superlative performance standards and wonderful weightlessness: 130 grams - this is as lightweight as it gets.

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