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Jobsworth Full Monty Disc Brake Cleaner Spray Jobsworth Full Monty Disc Brake Cleaner Spray

400ml of fast acting Disc Brake Cleaner that removes disc pad residue, cleans your pads and rotor and improves your braking. Created and tested in the UK, if you've got a bike service issue Jobsworth has the solution.

  • Fast acting disc brake cleaner
  • Safe on pads and rotors
  • Spray on, leave to evaporate, wipe dry
  • Improves brake feel Full Description
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It's the Fully Monty, the real deal, the genuine article and it does exactly what it says on the tin. If your brakes have become glazed over from too much heat, covered in grime from riding in mixed weather conditions, or maybe you're simply looking to restore fading brake performance Jobsworth's Full Monty Brake Cleaner will you restore you brakes to maximum performance.

Residue on your rotors and grime embedded into your pads reduces the performance of your brakes. One quick and easy treatment with the Full monty Brake Cleaner will help get you back in the game by cutting through brake grime to give you the best possible braking. Cleaner brakes works better and make less noise, service yours today.,

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