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230psi capable pressure tank pump from Jobsworth. This high volume, high pressure capable pump will inflate any tyre, road, off-road, tubeless or tubular at the flick of a switch.

  • 230psi capable
  • Switch activated prerssure tank
  • Any tyre, any tube, any size, anytime
  • Large easy read dial Full Description
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Jobsworth Push It Real Good Tubeless 230psi Floor Pump
Lots in stock £40.00

230psi capable floor pump with integrated pressure tank so you can blast tubeless tyres straight onto the rim with the flick of a switch. No need for a compressor with this in your workshop.

Lightweight, rugged and small enough to take in the car on long trips the Jobsworth Push It real good Tubeless 230psi floor pump will tackle any tyre, any tube, anytime.

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    Received the pump today, with delivery being a bit expensive but it was quick to be fair. The quality of the pump feels high and it looks great. Impressed with the aluminium valve head and valve lever which was no faff putting on or taking off and leak free when attached to the presta valve. I fitted a Magic Mary 2.8 plus size 27.5" tubeless tyre today with this pump. The handles are ergonomic and comfortable even when pumping at the full end of the tank. The tank fills with not many strokes so each stroke has good volume, but you need to use your weight for the last couple over 200psi. Nice lever on the valve dumps the air in to the tyre fairly rapidly. It took two full tanks to get the brand new tyre to pop on the rim which is way better than the usual faff with several frost biting CO2 bulbs just to seat the tyre. The dial being at the top makes so much more sense than down below. Pressures were accurate too. For the price the quality and performance is excellent.

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