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Tubeless Track Pump from Jobsworth with a high-presure storage cyclinder. 240psi capable with a two and a half inch top-mount pressure gauge and a flick-of-a-switch tank power.

  • Tubeless track pump
  • High volume reserve tank
  • Flick-of-a-switch activation
  • 240psi capable Full Description
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Jobsworth Tubeless 2 Pump It Up Track Pump
Lots in stock £39.99

Tubeless tyres are getting better and better so we're seeing more of them on bikes and tubeless tyres means tubeless tyre pumps so we've built one of the very best. 680mm tall and featuring a large, easy-to-read, top mount pressure gauge the new Jobsworth Tubess Track Pump goes all the way up to 240psi. High pressure tubs for the track or big and bouncy MTB tyres, the Jobsworth Tubeless Pump will inflate them all with ease.

  • 2.5" top mount gauge
  • Height: 680m

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Product Code:TOJOTUBE2TP

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