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Fast rolling , mixed conditions XC tyre as used by 2015 Women's World Champion Pauline Ferrand-Prevot.

  • Fast rolling tread
  • Open Spaced blocks
  • Ramped leading edges
  • Xc focussed Full Description
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2.1 inch / Black / 29 Inch
Lots in stock £14.99 RRP £39.99 62% off

The Vittoria Peyote is a grip monster, it's made for blasitng fire roads, mixed conditions grounds and doesn't mind searching for grip in wetter conditions. With a lightweight carcass and siped tread blocks the Peyote is surprisingly supple as it digs deep for high speed traction.

MTBR Review: "Very fast tires with more grip than traditional XC racing tires. Lots of higher grip tyre pairing options available. Many sizing and casing options, easily seals tubeless, excellent grip for speed and weight, extremely light."

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    I am not into promoting everything that I have purchased, despite making some duff experimental choices in the past. If you are particular about your rubber and you are an intuitive rider to how a tyre makes your bike perform overall, road or XC, there are only a few that I can recommend. Fortunately PX have a few of these, so if if you are looking for an XC tyre that is light, fast rolling but does not compromise on grip then this could be it. I wanted to reduce the weight on my XC 29er by replacing an old set of WTB Trail Boss tyres. Although I was used to the heavy duty grip of the Trail Boss they were a bit too much tyre to drag around forest XC trails. Although skeptical at the choice at first, I was pleasantly surprised to compare the weight and inspect the quality. This is a serious quality tyre with tough side walls all-round puncture resistance together with a soft compound tread pattern; they roll fast without spinning out on loose terrain when accelerating and hold the corner when forced. They gave a reassuring 'pop' as they sealed onto the rim at 25-30 psi (these would be a reliable set of race tyres if you were running them tubeless at low pressure) and boasted a neat curved profile for flighty XC trail riding. I have not regretted moving directly from a 26" to a 29er despite riding a small frame; with these light bad boys the acceleration and handling is just suburb and left me grinning from ear to ear as I spent the whole of Sunday afternoon chasing down anyone and anything on forestry trails - These are fast!If you wish to experiment with tyres and how they perform under particular conditions then this is a no brainer - if they are good enough for world champions then they are good enough for me. At this price the question is... why are you contemplating others and passing these by? Seriously, get them while they are on offer. This is one incredible fast tyre with reassuring grip and control... and I was riding these with tubes! - They will be even better when they are without. Don't tell your mates about your secret weapon!

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