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Replacement End Cap Indiviual For El Guapo Replacement End Cap Indiviual For El Guapo

Replacement axle end caps for El Guapo, Comp, Pro, Rattlesnake and Fat Bike hubs, also fits Selcof Pro and Comp hubs.

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E11 / Selcof Hub
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E12 / Selcof Hub
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E17 / Selcof Hub
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Choose the axle end that you need to fit your hubs to your frame and fork..

Buying new wheels when you swap your frame or bike would just be crazy, now you can take your wheels with you from one bike to another, 9mm QR, 12mm, 15mm, front options and 135 QR or 142 x 12mm back end.

  • EO1: 15mm front thru axle
  • EO2: 12mm front thru axle
  • E04: 9mm QR front
  • Non-drive side E12/ Drive side E17: 9mm QR 135mm rear
  • Non-drive side E15/ Drive side E16: 12mm x 142mm rear thru axle

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Product Code:WSELSEG

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