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A butted spoke drawn to its specific profile, which defines its high strength - the D-Light will let you build an exceptionally strong and reliable wheelset. Full Description

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253mm / Black
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254mm / Black
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A butted spoke is drawn to its specific profile, which defines its high strength.

The needs of top quality MTB wheels are:

    Maximum strength
    Minimum weight
    Reasonable prices
    Disc brake approval
    Suitability for production line builds
    Easy wheel building by hand

The short 2mm section of the d-Light reduces weight especially on the threaded side. The 2mm section starts just at the beginning of the thread. Therefore, the rotating masses at the end of the spoke are especially reduced. This brings benefits to both the acceleration and braking qualities of the wheel. The use of 14G nipples offers a wide variety of combinations.
The middle section is increased to 1,65mm, which makes the spoke much stiffer and brings less torsion during truing than a 1,5mm middle section. This results in an easier building process of the wheels.

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